Vortex Breakdown 2023: Meet the Artists & Performers

Performances and artists to look forward to seeing at Vortex 2023 at The JunkYard in Denver, CO. Dive into your own altered reality.

Vortex welcomes musicians and artists who design community-driven spaces full of color, acceptance, and love. Slide into your neon rompers and come sway with us!

Meet Some of The Artists of Vortex:

large pink and blue knots as part of an art installation on a building
Photo Courtesy of Pneuhaus

Founded by Matt Muller, Levi Bedall, and Augie Lehreck in 2014, Pneuhaus’s art is fueled by experimentation, encouraging exploration throughout their inflatable art installations. The Rhode Island-based creatives guide visitors into a universe of their senses and the absolute beauty of shared experiences. Their spaces are filled with immersive sculptures and environments which are rooted in physics, biology, and craft; the studio’s work incorporates the lessons of nature in both form and function.

Rainbow Dome
headstones and pumpkins and ghosts with rainbows coming out of their eyes as an installation in a park
Photo Courtesy of Rainbow Dome

Denver-based, queer-focused Rainbow Dome’s guiding light is to be an environment which creates a creative, physical space where art-driven community formation can happen. Founders Frankie Toan and Therin Zimmerman have contributed to the ever-evolving art scene since 2016. Tapping into the local growing roller skating community, Rainbow Dome embraces the vitality of their inclusive art and provides the community with more than just visual offerings, the goal is to create an inviting experience for all who attend.  

Andrea Fischer
large yarn and pillow-material flowers on the ground in beautiful bright colors
Photo Courtesy of Andrea Fischer

This isn’t your mother’s afghan, friends. Denver-based artist Andrea Fischer is bringing color to the world with her fluffy, vibrant sculptures. Working with only recycled materials, Fischer joyfully welcomes visitors into a life of color and acceptance. Making a point to shed all experiences from any masculinity, Fischer has used her creative artform as a coping mechanism to thrive as a person with bipolar disorder. Creating a yarn sanctuary for all guests provides everyone with a cozy space to dive into our own altered reality. We’re very down for a soft escapism.

Bob’s Dance Shop
Bob's Dance Shop: four individuals wearing bright disco suits out in the desert
Courtesy of Bob's Dance Shop

You want to learn how to enter a room? Bob’s Dance shop, with their flash mob vibe and can’t-look-away style, are sure to stop you dead in your tracks. Malia, Lucas, Lito, Kameron, and Coco have successfully created a colorful island of empowerment for audiences by blending fashion, choreography, and freedom into their shows. The audience isn’t meant to just watch Bob’s Dance Shop, but encouraged to experience and embrace the connection created in the space. Dive into the electricity!

Sister Magic Productions
lots of dancers - the ones on the left wear orange and the ones on the right wear blue
Photo Courtesy of Isabel Avellan

With over 25 years of ballet training, twins Elizabeth and Melissa Castañeda created SisterMagic. Working as a well-balanced team the red-headed duo have created a dance, drag, circus, and theater production company. Elizabeth directs and choreographs while Melissa designs and creates the costuming, and together they make Sister Magic. Working with an ensemble of circus artists, dancers, and actors Sister Magic wows audiences, symbiotically creating performance art.

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