Meow Wolf’s Holiday Gift Guide 2022

A handy guide to memorable holiday gifts made by artists!

The Holidays™ are right around the corner. The weather is getting chilly; you’re sipping as much hot chocolate as legally allowed, but in that immersion into the sipping of the hot chocolate…did you forget to buy presents? Maybe you couldn’t find quite the right thing? Perhaps you just knew that we love putting together gift guides and were waiting for this very one? Regardless, we wanted to share some of the artists who we’re obsessed with and who make great gifts!

Aiden Arata

black track shorts against a white background. There is white text on the shorts that reads "I am a black hole of desire. I am afraid of myself"
Image courtesy of Aiden Arata

You may recognize Aiden from her philosophical TikToks, but did you know that she also makes incredible merch for the existential cutie in your life? Anything ranging from sweaters to best friend necklaces, we cannot recommend it enough!

Check them out here:

Price range: $12 - $55

Jonathan Solter

illustration of a brightly lit tree against the night sky
Image courtesy of Jonathan Solter

Jonathan’s art is beautiful, psychedelic, and so stunning! For big psychedelia fans in your life, Jonathan’s store is an absolute must. His shop contains hoodies, tees, prints, phone cases, and home goods—so, anything you could possibly need.

Check them out here:

Price range: $17 - $95

Laurie Shapiro

a hand reaching out from the right with the palm facing up, holding onto a round piece of art, possibly a pillow with an ameba-like design on it-
Image courtesy of Laure Shapiro

Laurie makes these fantastic prints available through her website. The bodily forms are abstracted while utilizing bright colors to draw you in. Beautiful in any home environment, her works would make a fantastic statement piece anywhere they go.

Check them out here:

Price range: $125 - $310

Tsz Kam

artwork of a woman with dark hair and a pink cowboy hat riding a black bull covered in a red heart print
Image courtesy of Tsz Kam

We are so excited to be able to work with Tsz in our upcoming Grapevine location, and you can see why in their Etsy. Utilizing bright and bold colors with their wonderfully graphic style, their items range from stickers to jewelry to prints. A perfect gift for anyone bold and beautiful in your life.

Check them out here:

Price range: $3.50 - $150

Golda Blaise

a female-presenting person with light pink hair, partially covered by a black hat. She is looking straight at the camera with yellow sunnies and a necklace with shapes like egg yolks
Photo by @katerussellphoto, model @switchxwitch

A Meow Wolf OG, Golda makes fantastic jewelry pieces that make a statement wherever you go. Her pieces are available in all of our gift shops, and you can very much understand why we adore her.

Check them out here:

Price range: $15 - $75


very intricate design of burned wood by artist DICE 51
Image courtesy of DICE 51

You may recognize DICE 51’s style from C Street in Convergence Station. His art process on these brilliant pieces is so unique, we would say: “run, don’t walk” to his website. 

Check them out here:

Price range: $3 - $120

Quinn Curtin

a rock shaped like a turtle face with three tiny green mushrooms sprouting from its head
Image courtesy of Quinn Curtin

What if rocks had some form of consciousness? What if they had the biggest eyes and the cutest little faces? Quinn Curtin sculpts possibly the most adorable little rocks we have ever seen, and we encourage you to buy a sweet, docile pet rock for perhaps a child in your life or a loved one. We also encourage you to ensure the recipient is responsible enough for such an angelic pet.

Check them out here:

Price range: $15 - $100

Justin DeCou

photo of a print on a white sheet of paper with patterns that look like intersecting boomerangs of differing colors between black, peach, gray, and white
Photo courtesy of Justin DeCou

If you’ve stopped by Convergence Station—even just sat in the parking lot—you have seen Justin’s fantastic mural. He takes forms and abstracts them into long, infinite stretching cartoons, or faces cluttered impossibly close, or just funky shapes. A fantastic addition to any home!

Check them out here:

Price range: $25

Scott Hove

a Viking helmet shape with sharp teeth and cherries on top
Image courtesy of Scott Hove

Scott produces some of the most magical cake-related art (viewable at House of Eternal Return). He juxtaposes saccharine cakes with real danger, such as sharpened fangs, or knives, or guns. His exhibition, Cakeland, located in Chinatown, Los Angeles, is a surreal and immersive experience through and through. Anything you purchase from his shop is a unique and fun gift for your loved ones!

Check them out here:

Price range: $4 - $79

Katie Green

porcelain piece of artwork in the shape of a face with one hand coming up from the forehead and one hand near the mouth
Iimage courtesy of Katie Green

In House of Eternal Return, Katie Green has one of the most unique installations in the Water Tower. A huge focus of her art is on watercolor monster faces, and her shop is no different. For a wonderfully unique gift for your loved ones, we cannot recommend perusing Katie’s magical site enough.

Check them out here:

Price range: $19 - $263

Therin Zimmerman

photo of a piece of artwork that looks like stars coming up from behind purple mountains
Image courtesy of Therin ZImmerman

Therin, who worked as one of the lead artists for the Indigenous-futurist installation, “Help Save My World,” at Convergence Station. Their personal art uses motifs such as eyes, hands, portals, hallways, and doors as universally recognizable symbols. They make such memorable sculptures, prints, and paintings. An excellent gift for truly anyone in your life.

Check them out here:

Price range: $2 - $500