Weirdest FAQs Part Two

You slid into our DMs, so here are the answers to your most pressing and…interesting questions.

Meow Wolf is inundated with gazillions of questions every single day (we are SO not exaggerating…okay, we are, but whatever.), so sometimes we grab the most interesting ones and answer them! These are our favorite questions and don't forget to check out part one of our Weird FAQs!

“My snails won't stop getting it on. Is it because they're bored? What can I put in the tank to entertain them?”

More snails.

"Is this real" 

We’re making the vast assumption that you’re referring to The Real Unreal and…no. Yes. Obviously, we have no idea. 

“Am I gay?”


"If a shrimp screams in a forest, does it make a sound?"

We can honestly say that we do not condone shrimp screaming nor the torture of any crustacean. But also… where did you find our screaming shrimp?!? We have been looking for that little beast for eons now! And no we can’t hear them or we would’ve already brought them back to work. Can you pin their location?? 

Cactus and other desert plants on a wall made of different shades of color in horizontal lines inside Meow Wolf Grapevine.
The Wondering Forest by Creative Lead MOM inside Meow Wolf Grapevine. Photo by Atlas Media

"Where did I leave my laptop? It was here last night?”

We checked lost and found, but it doesn’t seem to be there. Have you checked the refrigerator or the fireplace? We love throwing our electronics in the freezer or fire when they start speaking to us. Wait…did you hear that?!?

"Is a coffee bean a vegetable?"

They’re an out of this world seed that stems from a fruit that can only be found in Omega Mart. We suggest you consume them at your own risk because 121% of our staff are wicked hopped up on caffeine and are unable to complete sentences. 

"Why do birds suddenly appear... every time you are near?" 

Because they long to be close to yoooooouuuuuu. 

The Parlour Birds by Lead Artist Maya Linke at Meow Wolf Denver. Photo by Nathan Hindman

"Which fish is best?"  

Our tattoo chicken. Save the fish!

"Is it wrong to have a crush on beloved pixelated fast boy, Sonic the Hedgehog? Where can I find him? Will he like me?"

Dear Crush Having Human, 

No crush is ever wrong. We support all crushes and although we don’t know where Sonic is nor do we know him personally (we had a brief run-in during the early 2000s, but whatever), we do believe hedgehogs, although sometimes temperamental, to be very supportive and kind. Everyone loves you, so take a deep breath and go get that hedgehog! 


The Meow Wolf Fam

a small cooler creature with a red flannel shirt, orange puffy vest, and large eyeballs sitting in front of a tiny campfire at Meow Wolf Las Vegas.
Campfire creature inside Meow Wolf Las Vegas. Photo by Atlas Media

"Will aliens invade the earth?"

Already have. 

"How do I know which version of myself is the most real?"

The one who dances the most frequently.

"Hi! How are you? I’m just wondering if I should move to Portland. What do you think?"

There are no Meow Wolf locations in Portland, but we hear the whales are rad. Do it!

looking up through lots of discarded road signs at at circle full of lights like stars at Meow Wolf Denver
Gremlin Symphony inside Meow Wolf Denver. Photo by Nathan Hindman

"How important is higher education?"

Education is in the stars, Friend. Reach for them. 

“Do I tell him?”

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Trust us. Oooof.

What is the best color to wear for interstellar travel?

One color is never enough, so may we humbly suggest a kick-ass track jacket? Get your colors on! 

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