20 hot artist gifts for the gift-giving season

The best way to find gifts for creatives is by seeking out products that are made by other creatives!

If you’re having trouble finding the right gift for your brother/best friend/partner/parent – well, you get the idea – we have also spent countless hours on Google searching for that perfect present.

All that internet sleuthing helped us create this list of 20 gift ideas, made by Meow Wolf artists, for all of the incredible people in your life.

Luke Dorman: Psychic Fails

palm of hand with psychedelic rainbow and cat robot pins

Luke Dorman, a Lead Designer at Meow Wolf who created the Big Machine Head Sticker, also makes these amazing psychedelic pins.

Paolo Puck: Frog Goddess Pendant

two small gold frogs on gray background

For the inner goddess in your life who thrives outside, to remind them of the simple magic of nature even when they have to be indoors. Artist Paolo Puck also has given House of Eternal Return visitors the sweet snubbed-nose creature known as Sarah.

Everything Is Terrible! : Jerry Puzzle

red puzzle box with person sitting in a chair surrounded by more puzzle boxes

For puzzle lovers and puzzle haters alike. This gift is ideal to while away the long winter hours trying to fit together 1,000 pieces that mostly look the same.

Sofie Birkin: Dyketopia Mug

two people in the front of a mug, one holding a

Sofie Birkin is a queer British artist who’s work you can find at Meow Wolf Denver. She uses her work to promote the gay agenda WHENEVER possible, especially when you first wake up with a hot cup o' joe.

Wheelchair Sports Camp: YESS i’m a MESS bundle

black tote bag, hand painted notebook, and a bottle of hand sanitizer that looks like a bottle of alcohol

A hand painted notebook made of recycled materials, a tote bag with a screen printed graphic of Denver artist Moe Gram, a bottle of disinfectant to clean up those messes, and unlimited streaming of YESS i'm a MESS via the free Bandcamp app. A gift for the person in your life who may be a bit messy but always finds the bright side.

Golda Blaise: Pizza Studs

pizza shaped earring with pepperoni and veggies on it

The only thing that would make this gift better for the pizza lover in your life is if you wrap up an actual pizza with it. Made by Golda Blaise, one of the co-founders of Meow Wolf.

Rainbow Dome: Teal & Maroon Socks

teal socks with the words "Rainbow Dome" on them and a fabric arm and hand wrapped around

Rainbow Dome is a collaboration between Frankie Toan and Therin Zimmerman, who worked as collaborating artists for Convergence Station. They are attempting to fund a roller rink in Denver, which will be the perfect place to rock all the neon, glittery roller skating merch.

Max Neutra: Mini Art Prints Bundle

three prints of the transformation from rabbit to jackalope

These three mini prints by Max Neutra (who has painted in some really incredible places) are a glorious reminder that change is beautiful.

Legit Concerns: Economy Infant Bodysuit

white baby onesie with the words "I don't even know what the economy is"

If it feels like the holiday season has a decent mix of both ugly sweater parties and baby showers, this gift will definitely stand out from the rest. You may have noticed similar Legit Concerns illustrations in the hallway at the House of Eternal Return.

Shakti Howeth: The Hug Print

print of two people facing each other and embracing with pink/red background

A feel-good gift to send love to someone special. Shakti Howeth is a senior artist at Meow Wolf who dabbles in all kinds of creative/collaborative/installation art and has worked on all three Meow Wolf locations.

Brandan Styles: Lady Rouge

gold painted spray paint can with an Elizabethan woman's face on it

Convergence Station artist Brandan Styles makes up one half of Mad Tatters, an artist duo that upcycles bottles, spray paint cans, paint buckets, and more into art influenced by mythology, folklore, surrealism & occultism.

Katie Green: Portrait Series

yellow arch turning into hands reaching up into the arch

Katie Green worked with Meow Wolf’s narrative team to incorporate the story of ancient forest spirits on a three dimensional mural on a water tank at the House of Eternal Return. Her series of paintings are a brilliant addition to any space.

Hunny Bunny Jewelry: Laser Cut Vortex Earrings

octagon shaped earrings on a person with long blue hair

For the one who loves statement jewelry with a story. These earrings are laser cut on the same laser cutter that produces some of the artwork created for Meow Wolf exhibits.

Obsididiopolis: Ride or Die Sticker

vintage style sun rays shining down on a woman riding a bike

For your best friend. No other words (or gifts) needed. This sticker is part of Obsidiopolis, a design universe centered around the Black-Femme experience, created by Janell Langford.

Nico Salazar: Mijo Miho Motocross Jersey

For the interdimensional internet guru who survives off imaginary soft drinks and lives for high speed connections. This special edition jersey is part of the Future Fantasy Delight series featured in Convergence Station by Meow Wolf artist Nico Salazar.

Ollie Glatzer: Dream Myself Alive Pillow

geometric shapes in neon colors on a black pillow

One of the newest additions to Meow Wolf Santa Fe is a bright neon mural painted by Ollie Glatzer, so this pillow is like adding a little piece of the mural from the House of Eternal Return into the house of the gift receiver.

Hester Sunshine: MW+HS Two Tone Beanie

person wearing teal knit beanie with hands up near face, looking into the camera

This MW+HS beanie is the most versatile accessory – perfect for cold days, bad hair days, travel days, and cozy stay-at-home-on-the-couch-turns-to-brunch-with-friends days.

Eric Vozzola: 'Optical Sanctuary'  Limited Edition Print

black and white lines and spirals with colorful shapes

Known for his 400 foot mural at Meow Wolf Las Vegas at AREA15, give these prints to your fave Las Vegas native or someone who just really loves this desert city.

Robin Slonina: Multiverse on canvas

Wonder Woman type character on a dotted comicbook style background

A gift to show someone how much you admire their limitless nature and free spirit. Robin Slonina is known for her incredible body painting talent (check out this video inside the room by artist Nico Salazar, AKA Future Fantasy Delight, at the House of Eternal Return).

Dice51: Bat Manchū / Llam Adomus (Blue Blizzard edition)

large wooden piece of art with intricate detailed cutouts

Bat Manchū is a mischievous spirit who sleeps all day in the caves of an unknown world. This limited edition piece of art will never be reprinted again in this fashion, so it’s a great gift for any collectors you know.