Meow Wolf at Denver Fashion Week

Convergence Station reveals first-ever fashion collection Tuesday, Nov. 15 at The Sports Castle, a Non-Plus Ultra Venue

Over 1.3 million people have experienced Meow Wolf’s Denver exhibition, Convergence Station, since opening in fall 2021. But November 15, 2022 will be the first time anyone has witnessed the Converged Worlds’ bioluminescent curves, neon cyberpunk kitsch, and kaleidogothic glory on the runway. The immersive art experience that CNN called “a colorful, chaotic, 'mind bending' experience” is honored to make its fashion debut at “one of America’s fastest-growing fashion platforms” (Forbes), Denver Fashion Week. Meow Wolf’s fashion line will be revealed at Sports Castle, a Non-Plus Ultra venue on Tuesday, November 15th during DFW’s “Lifestyle” showcase.

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graphic for Meow Wolf at Denver FashionShow on Nov 15

Designer Kate Major knows exactly what it takes to capture Meow Wolf’s essence in fashion: she’s the wardrobe coordinator for the performers who bring Convergence Station to life. She specializes in creature, character, and costume design. The theme of Major’s Meow Wolf line is TRASH, which goes beyond aesthetic: she created the line using reused materials that would’ve been destined for the landfill, and elevated them to art.

four people showing off Denver Fashion Week outfits inside Convergence Station
David Rossa Photography / Denver Fashion Week Creative Director

“As someone who tells the story of Convergence Station through fashion,” says Major, “I’m honored to conjure the magic of Meow Wolf out of the exhibition and onto the runway at Denver Fashion Week, one of the most popular annual events for Denverites.”

designer Kate Major with short cropped hair wearing several pairs on glasses and pencils on the jacket
Designer Kate Major

Inspired by the trash masterpieces of Meow Wolf installations like Gremlin Symphony and the dystopian edge of C Street, her line features cosmic street fashions out of a futuristic fantasy film, or straight off the back of an Undermaller, a member of the Converged Worlds’ degenerates. There will be looks from other characters and worlds in the rich Meow Wolf narrative as well. This will be Major’s first runway collection, as well as the first from Meow Wolf Denver.

three people inside the Cosmohedron walls wearing Denver Fashion Week designs at Convergence Station
David Rossa Photography / Denver Fashion Week Creative Director

“We are thrilled that Denver Fashion Week will showcase Meow Wolf's first ever fashion show. DFW is not just about one type of fashion or person. We celebrate and embrace all different kinds of styles, which parallels Meow Wolf's mission," says Hailey Hodapp, producer of Denver Fashion Week. "The two brands excel in thrilling audiences with unexpected elements. We are excited to have this collaboration come to fruition and add yet another unique element to the production.”

Kate Major’s designs in the gift shop at Meow Wolf Denver, including a dress in shades of orange, purple, and yellow and an orange wig
Kate Major’s designs in the gift shop at Meow Wolf Denver

Run Of Show:

6:00 p.m.: Red Carpet Reception

7:00 p.m.: Doors are closed / No entry

9:00 p.m.: Start seating

9:20 p.m.: First Segment

9:40 p.m.: Intermission

10:00 p.m.: Second Segment

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one person inside the floating car inside Convergence Station and a person standing next to the car looking down
David Rossa Photography / Denver Fashion Week Creative Director

The Meow Wolf fashion collection debut is just one of many exciting things to check out during Denver Fashion Week, which features innovative runway experiences with over 40 emerging and established designers from Denver and across the country. The seven-day event, held November 12-20, will showcase up-and-coming fashion trends enhanced by the work of talented hairstylists, makeup artists, and models. It takes place at Sports Castle, a Non-Plus Ultra venue. The building, with an Art Deco-inspired façade, original stained glass accent windows, and turn-of-the-century interior details, is an icon in downtown Denver. Visit for the full schedule.

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