Meow Wolf -- Best in Santa Fe! | Meow Wolf
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sun 10AM-8PM
Fri, Sat 10AM-10PM
(closed Tuesdays)
1352 Rufina Cir
Welcome Spring Breakers! Meow Wolf will be opening at 9 AM from Monday, March 19, through Sunday, April 1 to accommodate the larger crowds.
(closed Tuesdays)

Meow Wolf — Best in Santa Fe!


SO GRATEFUL!! We have only been open for 4 months and we are already being rated INSANELY WELL on TripAdvisor!

We are the #1 Thing for Families in Santa Fe!  We are #1 Place to Shop!  And we are #2 Museum/Art Gallery!  It is our goal to be the Best Attraction in Santa Fe by the end of the summer.

The reviews are incredible.  Thank you all for being so loving and so generous!  The fact that a weird, trippy, funky art space without any association to some established franchise could be doing so well in this day-in-age…. It brings us a ton of hope!!

If you have been to Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return, please take a moment to give us a review!  Much much much love!