Wiggy’s Plasma Plex Gets Two New Cabinets: Meow Wolf Arcade Update

At Meow Wolf we want to give you something fresh not only every year, but every visit. During our annual upgrades we aren’t just doing three new rooms, several new murals and a new bar & cafe. For you, this wouldn’t be enough. So we’re also upgrading our arcade.

These beautiful cabinets are currently being Benjified. Meow Wolf artist Benji Geary is making them in the image of Wiggy’s Plasma Plex. He’s the mastermind behind the arcade’s aesthetic. Who is Wiggy? Benji, perhaps. Perhaps his other dimensional self.

All Photographs by Kate Russell

Benji Details Arcade Cabinets at House of Eternal Return

The two cabinets will run on a system that allows our guests to select a game from a wide variety of options. The addition of a four-person unit is especially exciting since arcade classics such as X-Men, Avengers, Gauntlet and more finally become an option. Sure we’ve had the ol’ four-player Simpsons around for a while, and that game is great, but it always brings to mind other four-player games and their singular glories.

These machines may be non-regulation but they’re in time to amuse our video game aficionados who’ll be arriving for the first annual Score Wars: Galaga World Championship at the end of March. The window to compete in Score Wars’ Pro-Level event is still open. The Pro-Level payoff features a whopping $10,000 bounty, while an amateur champ will take home a smooth $1,500.

To compete in the event, please read our guidelines.

Benji Details Arcade Cabinets at House of Eternal Return

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