Timeworm is House of Eternal Return’s Newest Portal, and It’s Beautiful!

Timeworm: a psychedelic display of light and perspective. Justin Di Ianni, longtime friend and collaborator of Meow Wolf did an excellent job leading this project. You might just have to figure out where a new secret portal is to locate Timeworm in the multiverse!

We’re guessing you’ve heard we’ve got a new portal. And, if you haven’t, you should know – we’ve got a new portal! The portal’s name is Timeworm and it sits atop our Portals Bermuda location in House of Eternal Return.

Maybe it powers the portals, maybe it creates new portals. We’re really not sure what’s its potential is yet, but we know it’s eye candy in the way only Meow Wolf spaces are: it’s beautiful, serendipitous, enigmatic, and it’s a place you can visit.

Justin Di Ianni's 'Time Worm' @Meow Wolf
Justin Di Ianni’s ‘Time Worm’ @Meow Wolf Photo by Lindsey Kennedy


Created by Justin Di Ianni, longtime friend and collaborator of Meow Wolf, the space is a representation of our idea of the fifth dimension. For those outta the know, the fifth dimension is one in which all time and space occur in the same instant. This means that there is no visible movement, rather all movement appears as a singular line through space. Imagine all of your life’s journeys being viewed as a single line on a global map; that’s dimension five. But, seriously, no need to puzzle it out – just drop by and see what we’re on about!


Timeworm @House of Eternal Return