World Records To Be Broken at Score Wars this Weekend

They’re all lined up and are descending, row by row. The 10 Legacy Champs who’re slated to set world records this weekend are, at this moment, bearing down on Santa Fe and Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return for the First Annual Score Wars: Galaga World Championship event.

Over four days the event hosts amateur and pro-level Galaga play. Amateurs take home a generous $1,500 prize, while the pros are set to receive an ultra-bonus payout of $10,000.

Meow Wolf’s Score Wars Environment:

All of it takes place in a freshly created environment from Meow Wolf. Inspired by Galaga itself the backdrop is a neon jungle of pixelated bug-like space ships and columns of laser-beam-like light. It gives an almost eerie, but welcome sense of the Arcades of 80s and 90s malls, while vividly bringing to life Galaga also.  

More Classic Games, More Records to Set!

Included amongst the armada of Galaga cabinets are many other classic games, too many to enumerate here. And, while the Galaga amateurs and pros compete for glory in digital deep space, other gaming champs will try to set records in their own more earthbound games of specialty. These include:


Compete: Amateur-Level:

Pro-Level entry is now closed, but guests to House of Eternal Return can compete in the Amateur Competition on Thursday, March 29 and Friday, March 30. Entry into the competition also allows for access to the event. If you’d like to come and help defend the earth from invaders, read the guidelines and sign up!


All gameplay is open for exhibition and many classic games, including Galaga, are open to the public for play. For those who’d like to come and watch or play some games or check out the new and temporary installation in person, Score Wars will be open to the public during House of Eternal Return’s regularly scheduled hours. Here’s deets on Score Wars’ special event ticketing.

Live on Twitch this Saturday and Sunday:

For those unable to attend in person Score Wars: Galaga World Championship will be live-streamed on Twitch, courtesy of X-Split, on Saturday, March 31 (10am-8pm) and Sunday, April 1 (12pm-8pm). The live stream will cover the Pro-Level competition, introduce the pro players and reveal the temporary Meow Wolf installation. 

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of record breaking history!

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