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Convergiversary: Celebrating 1 Year of Meow Wolf Denver
Join us for a two-part party (day AND night) to celebrate the anniversary of Earth’s first multiversal transit station.
Meow Wolf
August 10, 2022
lobby of Convergence Station with constellatios on the ceiling and wavy beams leading up to the ceiling

Over one million travelers have passed through the doors of Denver’s Convergence Station since it opened on September 17, 2021. One year later, beings from all worlds will gather for festivities on Meow Wolf’s first Convergiversary!

The Earthly tradition of celebrating completed orbits will begin at 10am for all ages on September 17, 2022, with an artist village to browse, special ticket pricing ($15 timed admission!), and otherworldly surprises spilling out into Convergence Station’s parking lot.

But that’s just the beginning! For anyone 21+,  get ready to dance the night away at the Convergiversary Night Party. From 10pm-2am, DJs will take over the Converged worlds on several stages.*

*Note: Tickets for either the day or night event include free admission to the Convergence Station exhibit.

an overhead view of people mingling and dancing on C Street in Convergence Station beneath a DJ in a walkway above all the people

From our early meetings with the Sun Valley community to our time collaborating with local artists, Meow Wolf has been grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received from Denver and the greater Meow Wolf community. In other words, we couldn’t have done this without YOU!

In the past year, we have reached some major milestones at Convergence Station. Special thanks to QDOT agents and travelers who…

  • confirmed the existence of the Yawlp (unconfirmed)
  • forgot how many MEMS were collected in C Street
  • navigated ∞ constellations in Eemia
  • documented strange and well-dressed wildlife in Numina
  • swept up buckets of molars after jaws hit the floor in Ossuary

Thanks for the MEMs, friends!

Tickets are on sale now! Buy tickets for the daytime event here and tickets for the night party here.

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