A Meow Wolf Guide to Spring Break in Vegas 2022
Explore the unexpectedly outdoorsy and family-friendly side of Vegas!
Meow Wolf
April 7, 2022

The weather never officially dropped below 35 degrees in Vegas this winter, and while we can’t legally attribute this fact to the radiating warmth of Omega Mart’s honest-to-goodness family values, we can acknowledge that the slight chill is wearing off and people are ready to adventure out into the world.

Of course, the temperate weather will transform into a sweltering 105-degree existence in no time, so if you have any interest in enjoying non-indoor activities of the Neon Capital of the World, now is the time to say “yes” to a Vegas visit. Below are our best recommendations for Las Vegas in the spring.

New Kids on the Block

The city is always changing and, while we do not enjoy the constant construction and traffic cones, we do love having more options for weekend fun!

Vegas’ newest attraction, Flyover is a great way to experience the entire world in a seated position. It’s reminiscent of Soarin’ Over California without waiting in line. This experience comes with two options: The Real Wild West (which includes both an old and new look of Vegas) and Iceland. Locals, enjoy 30% off on tickets.

If you happen to have an affinity for dangling your feet from the air, AREA15’s newest ride, LIFTOFF is right in our backyard. This 130-foot high, panoramic skyline experience is perfect for taking in the view and the delicious beverages, especially at night.

Afraid of heights? Who isn’t! Which is why there’s plenty of ground to cover at AREA15, including Omega Mart. Hot Tip: Don’t leave the grocery store without stopping by the bar. 😉

A male and a female stand with their backs to one another in the center of a dark room. They both have their hands in their pockets and small smiles on their faces. The only light comes from the walls surrounding them on all sides. Each wall is covered in glass with shapes drawn on them that seem to move as the light reflects through them
“Pulse” by Claudia Bueno at Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Photo by Christopher DeVargas

If dinner and a show are what you’re looking for, Spiegelworld's newest dining experience at the Cosmopolitan, Superfrico, comes highly recommended. When a celebrity chef describes their fare as “Italian American Psychedelic” it’s unwise to stay away. The ratio of strange vibes and good vibes were perfectly balanced and the sourdough crumble was everything we didn’t know we needed.

A neon light room shows diners enjoying drinks and food in the background. In the center foreground of the photo, there is a woman with a bright magenta backless dress on. Her hair is electric pink and she’s walking away from the camera with a bright pink balloon.
Superfrico, a cocktail lounge and Italian restaurant located at The Cosmopolitan. Photo courtesy of Superfrico

If you’re not interested in a formal sit-down meal but still want something to delight your taste buds, Resorts World has a food hall of world-famous options that are sure to please even the pickiest eater in the group. It’s the perfect opportunity to mix and match so go ahead and get the hot chicken sandwich and the bowl of ramen. We’re not judging. Because that’s exactly what we got.

Downtown, Where the Lights Are All Bright

This city ages better than any 96 hour energy drink we’ve ever seen, and this next attraction is proof that everything really does stay in Vegas, even if it rusts.

A photo taken around dusk that Several old Vegas Strip signs are prominent in the photo. The word S-T-A-R-D-U-S-T is spelled out in bright neon lights, some of which have burned out. Behind the Stardust sign, Riviera can be seen in red glowing letters. The large Hard Rock Cafe guitar is also visible off to the right.
Neon Museum Boneyard. Photo courtesy of The Neon Museum

Though they’re no longer lit up on The Strip, these vintage Vegas signs shine brighter than ever at the Neon Museum Boneyard. A popular spot for locals and tourists alike, catching this one on a weekday is a must to make the most of the photo opp. If you can time the sunset just right, it’s worth the drive downtown.

While you’re in the area, the Mob Museum is the place to go if you’re looking to keep the Vegas history (and mystery) alive. While we’ve boasted about this attraction before, we like you enough to let you in a local’s secret. Hidden underneath the museum is an exclusive, password-protected Speakeasy to transport you back to the prohibition era.

A photo taken from the corner of an empty bar displaying 3 bar stools to the right of the bar and 8 more stools to the left. The wood counters are shining and the walls are covered in red paisley patterns to the right. On the left side of the bar, there is a black and white photo of a woman during the prohibition era that also doubles as the secret door to the Speakeasy. The photo hangs on a brick wall that’s covered with other mementos from the 20s.
The Underground at The Mob Museum. Photo courtesy of The Neon Museum

This week’s password? Giggle Water. Be sure to check out their website for the new password closer to your visit!

If you’re in the market for deliciousness, you really can’t go wrong with anything downtown but don’t let Vegas Test Kitchen be the one that got away. With its constantly rotating chefs and concepts, the dining experience changes every time but never disappoints. From meatless Mondays to savory sushi rolls, I’d bet my firstborn cat you’ll love what’s on the menu.

5 Spicy dumplings placed in a row on a rectangular plate. They’re covered in tempura flakes and green onion and sit in a thick orange sauce.
Spicy Dumplings from This Mama’s House. Photo courtesy of Vegas Test Kitchen

Ready for another secret of Vegas? You don’t have to be 21+ to have a good time! If you’re heading Downtown with kids, there are plenty of artsy photo ops, and even a playground at Container Park, but for all-day fun, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is the place to be. Three stories, 8 exhibits, and endless activities to keep the whole family entertained and learning while you play!

Two female children stand at a bench pointing at a bubble being formed out of a large, wide beaker. Other beakers holding chemicals are on the table as well as a male instructor does a science demonstration.
Daily Discoveries programming. Photo courtesy of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

Added bonus? This children’s museum is Blippi-approved. Which only means anything if you’re a parent.

And Now…A Word from Our Locals

The one thing we can always guarantee in Vegas is that there is no shortage of hidden gems in this town. Which means that one opinion isn’t enough. That’s why we asked around and our team had their must see and do’s ready to go.

Sandra K.

“My fav thing on the strip is City Center’s Fine Art Collection. There’s a list online of their 30+ piece collection inside Aria, Crystals, and The Cosmopolitan. Some artists that are featured are Maya Lin and Henry Moore. Outside of the strip, of course, I love Red Rock! My most favorite place though to take visitors is (surprisingly) in Boulder City! It’s called Hemenway Park that is known for bighorn sheep that love to roam there! It’s beautiful. You also get a fantastic view of Lake Mead.”

A walking path that winds off to the left, with informational kiosks spaced periodically down the trail to provide details on the terrain. There is a bench to the left and to the right of the photos, there are large, red rocks.
Red Rock Canyon - Calico Hills. Photo courtesy of Red Rock Canyon

Juliette R.

Springs Preserve is amazing! Fun museums, bike trails, all-around a beautiful space. Good food and views at the Divine Cafe, and the butterfly garden opens on April 4th. Right past the AZ/NV border has some amazing nature/hikes too! Willow Beach (famous emerald caves, perfect for renting boats/kayaks), and Arizona Hot Springs Hike, which describing as “very cool” is an understatement.”

A winding dirt walking path is lined with benches every few feet. A metal structure surrounds the path to protect the foliage. Some roses can be seen blooming through the fencing on the left side of the image.
Springs Preserve Walking Path. Photo courtesy of Springs Preserve

Jules M.


A photo at dusk of numerous tents lined up as artists and small business owners sell products to passersby. The sun has nearly set in the background and fairy lights glisten overhead.
First Friday - Downtown Las Vegas Arts District. Photo courtesy of DTLVARTS

Robin S.

Recycled Propaganda and Pricilla Fowler are two great art galleries. They are still holding on as the arts district gets taken over by breweries and restaurants. Arts Factory and Arts Square are also always a good time. These are all within walking distance of each other.”

A photo shot from across a highway of a multicolored building painted red, gree, blue, yellow and maroon. In large white letters, “Love Las Vegas” is written across the entire building.
The Arts Factory - Downtown Las Vegas Arts District. Photo courtesy of DTLVARTS

​​”For a retro good time, visit some old-school Vegas spots! Roller Rinks! Crystal Palace and Skate Rock City are super fun. Did you know we also have a drive-in movie theater? The West Wind Drive-In has been around since the 1950s - and doesn’t look like it’s changed much since then. It's a great spot for family fun or an old-fashioned date night.”

Fawn D.

Tule Springs! I am on the Tusk Advisory Board, appointed from the LV Paiute Tribe. We are working on ways to educate and talk about our history and peoples in the area, our Nuwu people, to name one! Super rad fossils of mammoths and so many other things!”

A wide shot of Tule Springs with deep blue water near the bottom of the image. Lush green hills of grass are just next to the water with a large span of dirt and rocks spread across the park. In the background, large white mountains appear to nearly touch the clouds in the blue sky.
Tule Springs Fossil Beds in Nevada. Photo courtesy of The Protectors of Tule Springs

Sloan Canyon, Desert National Wildlife Refuge and Wetlands Park are also on the cusp of the city, accessible and fun outdoors.”

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