June Events at Meow Wolf Santa Fe & Denver

The best music shows transforming your earbuds into ear friends forever in the coming weeks within the Meow Wolf show-verse.

Here’s your mouth-watering, six-course audio menu for Meow Wolf events in June.

Concerts at Meow Wolf Denver’s The Perplexiplex:

Pride Party with VINCINT

artist VINCINT, a dark-skinned, male-presenting person with short hair wearing a black bodysuit and orange sunglasses crouched in front of white walls
Photo courtesy of aritst

Since VINCINT’s release of his debut EP, The Feeling in 2020, his career has sprung to new heights,captivating millions across the globe with pop music. Hailed by PAPER as "one of the greatest vocalists of our generation" and "a legend in the making," by Billboard. In 2022 alone, he completed his first North America headline tour opening for MAX , made his Coachella debut, collaborated with Kesha, and performed to over 40,000 fans across the country. VINCINT's mission is clear: "I make music to make you cry and make you dance," he explains. "But most importantly, to make you feel something." Starting 2023 off with a bang, VINCINT just announced his newest single "Romance."

Come celebrate the first weekend of Pride month hosted by Indie 102.3’s LGBTQ+ show, Serve It! The event will feature a music performance from VINCINT, plus sets from local DJs including Serve It! host Demi Harvey and appearances by some of Denver’s most dynamic drag performers. Doors open at 7 PM, and the show starts at 8 PM. Event is 16+.

Celebrate Pride with Meow Wolf at The Perplexiplex on June 2nd, 2023

We Are Here Drag Shows

We’re turning the rainbows up a little brighter and encouraging visitors to come together to celebrate love, inclusivity, and authenticity for Pride Month! 

It’s a drag-eat-drag world out there, but fret not friends! The House of L’Whor is proud to present your full-coverage survival guide. WE ARE HERE (period): A Drag Guide to Pride features Jessica L’Whor, Lulu Alnite, Zimmorah Mei, Talia Tucker L’Whor, Ryan Stone, Foxxxy Cox L’Whor, Porsha Demarco Douglas, and Mariah Spanic.

Don’t miss out on WE ARE HERE: A Drag Guide to Pride on June 15th and 16th, 2023. 

Rochelle Jordan

Photo courtesy of artist

The desire for sonic expansion has been long embedded into Rochelle Jordan’s fusion of futuristic and ancestrally soulful R&B. Toronto-raised, Los Angeles-based, Jordan showcases not just her own personal evolution, but a path to pushing sound forward. Inspired by her father’s work as a percussionist, Jordan is now presented as a modern heir with her style and imagination in her powerhouse vocals.

Rochelle Jordan’s most recent album, Play With the Changes, reflects the truth of Jordan as an artist: relentlessly innovative, suffused with transcendent soul, replete with imagination and wild style. She is the type of artist who inspires others towards originality in a world where everything feels predictable. Someone not afraid to search, to go deeper, to discover new directions, to create change in any and all forms.

Join Rochelle Jordan at Meow Wolf's Perplexiplex, June 23nd, 2023

Meow Wolf Santa Fe Concerts at Fancy Town: 


group of male-presenting people sitting on different chairs in front of a house
Photo courtesy of artist

moe. has spent much of the past thirty years on the road, encompassing countless live performances marked by eclectic wit, deep friendship, and exploratory invention. The more the band traveled, the more they grew creatively, evincing a remarkable willingness to progress as they went along. 

Hailed by American Songwriter for their “mind-bending musicality," moe. is treasured for their mesmerizing musical synergy. 

Enjoy moe. at Meow Wolf Santa Fe's Fancy Town on June 15, 2023 

Jasmine Infiniti

Jasmine Inifiniti standing in front of a brick wall wearing a yellow plaid skirt and ig black boots
Photo courtesy of artist

Jasmine Infiniti has been an integral part of modern North American club culture. Born in the Bronx and based in Brooklyn, Jasmine Infiniti’s sound is a mesh of underground styles that New York City artists have long-shaped. Her DJ sets and original music vibrates between ballroom, hip-hop, house, industrial and techno; racing between fury and euphoria to create cathartic moments. In late 2020 they released "WW1," an expansive compilation that showcased the dark corners of American club music. 

Join Jasmine Infiniti, along with Megab4t, Alpha Bae, Justin Cristofer, Wizdumb, Kuwani, & Baby Bumps for one of Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s Pride Celebrations, Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Pussy Riot

Nadya Tolokonnikovaof Pussy Riot with big blue and black pigtails and small hearts under the eyes

Today, hundreds of people identify as a part of the Pussy Riot community, as they identify with a global feminist protest art movement. Founding member of Pussy Riot, Nadya Tolokonnikova, was sentenced in 2012 to a 2-year imprisonment following an anti-Putin performance. Tolokonnikova initiated a hunger strike protesting savage prison conditions and ended up being sent to a Siberian penal colony, where she still managed to maintain her artistic activity as well as her prison punk band, making a tour around Siberian labor camps. Nadya also published a book "Read and Riot: Pussy Riot's Guide to Activism."

In August 2022, they released their debut mixtape “MATRIARCHY NOW”. The release came just before the 10-year anniversary of their August 17, 2012 conviction of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, and spending 2 years in jail for protesting Putin.The mixtape features collaborations with Tove Lo, Salem Ilese "Princess Charming," Kito, Hudson Mohawke, Slayyyter, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Big Freedia, REI AMI, Phoebe Ryan and more.

Pussy Riot stands for gender fluidity, inclusivity, matriarchy, love, laughter, decentralization, anarchy, and anti-authoritarianism.

Don’t miss Pussy Riot on Friday, June 30, 2023.

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