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A Week of Prompts - Week 1
A few of our artists have put together some daily activities for kids of all ages!
Megan Brinkerhoff

Each prompt is designed to be quick and not require many supplies.

Day 1: Notes to your Neighbors

Write a message to your neighbors. First, think about what you could say to them that might brighten their day. Then draw your message as big as you can on the sidewalk in chalk or on paper with markers, and hang it in a place where folks can see it as they pass by.


Day 2: Fortune Cookie Messages

Write your own fortune cookie messages. Make one for every person in your household. Since you probably don’t have fortune cookies to put them in, figure out a creative way to share your fortunes with everyone at dinner tonight.


Day 3: Shadow Power

Go outside in the late afternoon and look for interesting shadows. They may be on the ground or on a wall or fence, so look all around. Choose your favorite shadow and trace it onto a piece of paper. Trace more than one if you’d like!


Day 4: Floor Plan It

Draw the floor plan of your home. Try to be as detailed as you can, including all the rooms, the location of doors and windows, even the placement of the furniture. And if you want to do a little something extra, you can even add details that you create with your imagination, like a secret passage or room!

Day 5: Snack Attack

What is your favorite meal or snack? Do you know how to make it? Create a video of you making it like it’s your very own cooking show! Be sure to explain all the ingredients someone would need and the steps they would need to follow if they wanted to watch your video and try making it for themselves.

Be sure to tag Meow Wolf on social media and use hashtag #MeowWolfatHome to share your work!

A Week of Prompts - Week 1


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