Meow Wolf Los Angeles will be a (Multidimensional) Reality

Find out when Meow Wolf’s next immersive experience is coming to Los Angeles, CA!

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City of Angels: We’re heading your way! Meow Wolf is planting our sixth permanent art exhibition in your sprawling and sunny embrace, so get ready for our fabulous rainbow carpet events and Ω-list parties. 

Meow Wolf began as a DIY collective of Santa Fe artists who repurposed junk into staggering immersive art spaces and threw raucous warehouse parties– as seen in the documentary Origin Story. When one George R. R. Martin helped us to create our first wildly successful permanent installation, House of Eternal Return, our warehouse partyin’ collective embarked on a meteoric rise. We went on to build awe-inspiring interactive worlds that have transported millions of guests into breathtaking realms of imagination in Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, soon to be Houston, and next, Los Angeles.

trees with glowing mushrooms, light coming from unknown portals inside a forest/swamp space at Meow Wolf Santa Fe.
Inside the original Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM. Photo by Kate Russell.

Los Angeles expands in all directions, not just physically but culturally. It’s a city that doesn't follow; it often leads sometimes, even racing ahead of itself. This frenetic creativity, daringness to dream, sprawling magnitude, and futuristic view is exactly why Meow Wolf has chosen Los Angeles as the home for its next dream factory. 

Beyond an art museum, this new Meow Wolf location will encapsulate our signature style of maximalist fantasy woven together with a decidedly Angeleno twist: cinematic grandeur, mysterious Easter Eggs, the forgotten side of Hollywood, glamorous glitz, and novel connections to their existing Meow Wolf worlds in other cities, all that thrive and pulsate under an overarching cosmic Meow Wolf Universe. 

Meow Wolf is proud to be the first Certified B Corporation in the themed entertainment industry. For each location we inhabit, Meow Wolf collaborates with local artists to create a masterpiece that is an ode to the city they call home. Expect a full sensory love letter to the Los Angeles art scene, its history, and its legacy. Additional details about the exhibition’s grand reveal, theme, and more will be announced in the coming months. 

Omega Mart in Las Vegas. Photo by Atlas Media

Can’t wait to see it for yourself, Angelenos? Omega Mart, Meow Wolf’s trippy grocery store beloved by celebs like Britney Spears, is just three hours away and open now. Road trip! You have no idea what’s in-store for you. Meow Wolf invites travelers of all ages to an unforgettable journey through a living, breathing piece of art in the City of Angels.

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