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A Week of Prompts - Week 2
A few of our artists have put together some daily activities for kids of all ages!
Megan Brinkerhoff

Each prompt is designed to be quick and not require many supplies.

Day 1: Family Portrait

Create a portrait of your family or the people living in your household. This portrait could be drawn, photographed, written, or made however you want. Think about who each person is and what you know about them. For example, try dressing your family members up in an outfit that identifies something about them, or surround them by certain objects that they use often.


Day 2: Invent a Dance

Choreograph a dance to your favorite song. Teach the dance to at least one other person in your household and record a video of you all performing the dance. The dance can be silly or serious, and it can be very simple. For example, “The Cupid Shuffle” is just a few simple steps that repeat over and over throughout the entire song. Have fun!


Day 3: Changing Seasons

Document the changing of the seasons. Photograph, draw, or write about the evidence that you can see, feel, smell, hear, taste or touch that tells you Spring has arrived.


Day 4: Quarantine Playlist

Make your very own quarantine playlist of at least 10 songs. Music has the power to affect our mood, so think about the songs that complement how you’re feeling right now. Are you feeling down and looking for songs that could cheer you up? What songs might help you get into that mood? After creating your playlist, write a short description (one sentence or less) for each song about the mood you think it captures.

Day 5: Images of Love

Draw, photograph, or describe an example of love.

Be sure to tag Meow Wolf on social media and use hashtag #MeowWolfatHome to share your work!

A Week of Prompts - Week 2


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