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Make a Family Zine
Zine making is one of our favorite activities for the whole family to enjoy!
Fawn Douglas


Zine making is one of our favorite activities! You can use what you have at home for creativity and storytelling for the whole family to enjoy. Today we’ll make a 6 page Zine with the people in your family or household. Each member of the household will create a zine to pass around to each other. Each person starts with the creation of their own cover art.

Time Required

  • The creation of this can take an hour but friends and family can have fun with this up to a 3-hour session.

Age Range

  • All Ages
  • Younger children will need supervision with scissors.


  • 3 pages of blank paper
  • Glue
  • Scissor

Optional: Markers, color pencils, pens, ruler, crayons, stapler

Optional Flair: Stickers, glitter, magazines, newspapers


  1. Gather the materials above that you have at home.
  2. Stack the blank paper pages on top of each other and fold them in half (staple crease is optional).
  3. Out of the magazine, newspaper or junk mail, cut out words and images that stand out to you. 
  4. Create your cover art with the cutouts, glitter, crayon, whatever you have.
  5. Write creative prompts on small pieces of paper, place them in a bowl and have each family member draw one. 
  6. Prompts include but are not limited to: Poems, mazes, thoughts of the day, mad lib, favorite things, what my pet dreams about, under the sea mystery, galaxy creation, space exploration, draw a character from Meow Wolf!
  7. Pass the Zine to the person on the left. They will create the first-page entry from the prompt chosen
  8. Draw and repeat! 
  9. This activity can continue through the week when creativity sparks! 
  10. Have fun, be silly!


  • Create a Zine library on the family bookshelf, or mail a completed Zine to a loved one!


Share your creation! Use the #MeowWolfatHome hashtag on social media!

Make a Family Zine


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