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Make a Superhero Cape
Make a superhero cape that represents your own uniqueness!
Danika Padilla


Deep down we all possess our own unique superpowers that can transform us. You will then be creating a superhero cape that represents your own uniqueness - a wearable reminder of your power when you need it.

Time Required/Age Range

  • 1 Hour
  • Elementary School
  • Manual dexterity and scissors needed


  • Old XL Adult T-Shirt
  • Scissors
  • Fabric markers (optional)
  • Other fabric to cut out (optional)


  1. Gather materials above
  2. Lay the T-shirt flat with the back facing up. 
  3. Start in the bottom corner and use scissors to cut at a slight angle up to the collar. 
  4. Cut around the front of the collar without cutting through it. 
  5. Fold the part over that you already cut to use it as a guide for cutting the other side. This will help you get everything symmetrical. 
  6. Cut down the other side from the collar to the bottom.
  7. To add some scallops to the bottom of your cape, lay a ruler across the bottom of the cape and use a cup to trace some half circles. Cut them out.
  8. Decorate your cape with fabric markers, or other fabric shapes. 


  • Write a short story about your superhero - what is your superpower? What would you do to help your community?


Share your creation with your community! Use the #MakeWithMeowWolf hashtag on social media

Make a Superhero Cape


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