Meow Wolf: Origin Story
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2018. 88 mins. Not Rated.

Meow Wolf: Origin Story chronicles the jaw-dropping 10 year journey of an anarchic art collective into a multi-million dollar business. From having no access to blowing a new, profitable portal into the art world, this tumultuous journey has yielded new ways of participating in culture and entertainment for not only these artists, but for the people from all walks of life who engage in and are inspired by their work. With a mission to provide access to and inspire creativity in everyone, this company continues to experience growing pains, while continuing to reach for new impossibles.

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Morgan Capps

Jilann Spitzmiller


Benji Geary

Caity Kennedy

Corvas Brinkerhoff

Emily Montoya

George RR Martin

Matt King

Sean Di Ianni

Vince Kadlubek


Christina Procter

Jilann Spitzmiller

Morgan Capps



Extras included with Purchase

Meow Wolf: Origin Story (Filmmaker Commentary Version)
Meow Wolf: Origin Story (Family-Friendly Version)
Benji Is a Cultural Anthropologist
The Beast Is Hungry
Lena Street
Matt King’s Survivor Audition Tape
Meow Wolf’s OmegaMart Commercials
MegaCity Short Film
Marzipan Short Film Made for The Moon Is to Live On (Explicit Language)
Nimbus Exhibition Walkthrough

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