About House of Eternal Return

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is an explorable, immersive art installation filled with technology, and fantastic environments to inspire visitors of all ages. The wildly imaginative art space is a collaboration of over 100 local artists and is a unique combination of children’s museum, art gallery, jungle gym, and fantasy novel.

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“The House”

The small mountain town of Santa Fe hides a secret straight out of science fiction. An unassuming building in the city’s industrial district is a nexus of colorful, chaotic portals that take explorers to worlds they’ve only seen in their wildest dreams.

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return is a unique art experience featuring an astonishing new form of non-linear storytelling that unfolds through exploration, discovery and 21st century interactivity.

The House is a 20,000 square foot art exhibit designed by the Meow Wolf collective. There are dozens of rooms, secret passages and interactive light and musical objects with which guests can play for hours or investigate the mystery of the Selig family, who disappeared one night after conducting a forbidden experiment inside their Victorian mansion. Who were the Seligs? Where did they go? and why is their home overrun by figures in white lab coats?

The Premise

Something has happened inside a mysterious Victorian house that has dissolved the nature of time and space. Venture through the house of The Selig Family and discover secret passageways into fantastic dimensions!

This maximalist art and storytelling showcase is appropriate and engaging for guests of all ages. Experience what happens when art becomes everything you see, hear and touch. Be careful around the portals, though. They go everywhere…

Each visitor is invited to choose his or her own path through the 20,000 sq. ft exhibition by walking, climbing, and crawling through an imaginative multiverse of unexpected environments. The experience is appropriate for people of all ages as it provides children a fantastic world to play within and adults a sophisticated artistic experience with narrative depth.

The Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return and George RR Martin!?

With the help of George R.R. Martin, who purchased a vacant former bowling alley,  Meow Wolf converted the building into a multi-use art complex. The Meow Wolf Art Complex stands as a beacon of creativity and community in Santa Fe’s emerging Midtown Innovation District, welcoming locals and tourists alike to take part in fun, enriching art experiences, workshops, and community activities.

The building is home to The David Loughridge Learning Center and the 20,000 square foot interactive art experience House of Eternal Return.

Members of the public are welcome to visit the Meow Wolf Art Complex during business hours.

Tickets for House of Eternal Return can be purchased here or in person.

Anomalies in The House???

Anomalies have entered the House of Eternal Return! Can you find them all? Something has happened inside this mysterious Victorian house that has dissolved the nature of time and space. Venture through the house of the Selig Family to help unravel the mystery.

Enhance your experience with Meow Wolf’s new app Anomaly Tracker and be rewarded with clues to the deeper mystery! Track down all of the anomalies throughout the house and point your device at the target to bring a Meow Wolf experience to life – unlocking secrets lurking in the Selig family’s past.