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MONGOVOO Temple I Meow Wolf - Convergence Station

Welcome to "MONGOVOO" temple, a time machine to ancient Mongolia. MONGOVOO is an alien time dimension transporter where visitors can explore the universal human urge to transform ourselves. Created by a family of 4 artists called BETART collective: Tsogo Mijid, Batkhishig Batochir, Eriko Tsogo, Jennifer Tsogo, this immersive art installation inside Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station is a historic achievement for Mongolian artists everywhere. Inside the MONGOVOO temple, visitors are transported in time into sensory narcolepsy. Set to ethnic throat singing background soundscape, the inside walls are tattered with Mongolian “Tsam” masks illuminated in neon lights. The floor and ceiling create an infinite hourglass vacuum. MONGOVOO is a psychedelic, carefully curated psychological art space experience designed to challenge our notion of time, space and memory by awakening the inner consciousness; connecting people to ideas and stories where they can mirror themselves and transcend into the formless dimension of the universe.


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