Beat the Line, House of Eternal Return

How to Beat the Line & Make the Most of Meow Wolf

When Meow Wolf first opened the House of Eternal Return in 2016, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect for attendance. Since opening, we’ve been blessed by hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world (who are giving us phenomenal reviews on TripAdvisor and elsewhere) and that number is only going up now that summer’s here and the world-class Santa Fe travel season is in full swing.

Because of this, there are lines at times.

We want everyone who visits to have a unique, personal experience with the exhibition and so we’ve compiled some tips for visitors to help you avoid peak hours, and maximize your brain-melting fun.

Peak Hours End in the Afternoon

Many people assume that the best time to show up for anything is early. Maybe that’s why there’s sometimes a crowd in the morning. People who want to beat the line may be better off showing up later. Traffic into the House goes down considerably almost every day between 4:30 and 5 p.m.

The space is open until 8 p.m. on the weekdays, 10 p.m. on weekends— more than enough time to take in the sights! Our café and bar open later in the day, meaning you can see your fill and then discuss it with your family and friends over refreshments.

Photograph by Kate Russell.
Photo Credit: Kate Russell

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

This may change as tourism season in Santa Fe ends, but for now Sunday is one of the lighter traffic days at Meow Wolf. There’s no better way to escape the work week, the phone, and the news of the world than a stroll through Meow Wolf on a lazy Sunday, followed by watching the majestic New Mexico sun set near the robot in the parking lot.

Will-Call and Family Passes

Most of the people in line are waiting to buy tickets. The line for will-call is much smaller. You can get tickets online here: They are not dated and are good anytime for general admission (not for special events or concerts).

Additionally: our annual passes are both cost-effective and a quicker way to access the House (for general admission, not special events or concerts). At $100 for a single guest and $200 for a family, they’re a wonderful way to see the exhibition followed by a year of opportunities to see it again, whether it’s to crack the mystery of the House, find those rooms (plural) you missed the first time, or simply to escape and immerse in the surrealistic multiverse. Simply present the stylish, matte-black pass at the will-call line and you’re on your way!

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