News from the Flight Deck: A Decompression Installation

Given our leanings toward portal travel, the idea wasn’t so weird: wouldn’t it be cool if we built an airplane installation inside the lobby?

Charter Flight:
Courtesy of Michael Stearns

Update from Alva:
Meow Wolf Takes to the Skies

There’s nothing unusual about finding strange oddities within the installations at Meow Wolf, but to find an interactive piece of an airplane? That’s new even for us.

A few months ago Michael Stearns, a world famous ambient music composer who now calls Santa Fe home, donated a few airplane seats to Meow Wolf. As ever, we formed an idea right quick.

Given our leanings toward portal travel in the multiverse, the idea wasn’t really so weird: wouldn’t it be cool if we built an airplane inside the lobby? A team of Meow Wolf artists worked together to build, assemble, paint and create media for a twelve-seat airplane complete with multiple interactive components.

The theme of the aircraft is 70s sunset and it’s a fine place to decompress right after leaving the exhibit and yet still enjoy completely interactive art. You can even grab a bite to eat while checking out the new installation in first class fashion.

The plane departs for its next secret destination in late January, so make sure you come check it out, especially if you plan to visit us over the holidays!

Artists involved in the installation:
Blas Ramirez, Jeff Teague, Shiloh Heyman, William Coburn, Betsy Leonard, Caity Kennedy, Sofia Howard, Newt Russell, Dylan Pommer, Sahaih Escobedo, Julian Gingell, Justin Dilanni, Kayla Wooldridge, Jon Groves, Spencer Schwartz, Amy West, Brad Wolfley, Ryan Thompson, Alec Brown