It’s Always A Good Time For Cakeland

Meow Wolf’s 2018 House of Eternal Return annual update is massive! We haven’t just expanded our Multiverse, we’ve blown it wide open. Maximal is more, and more is what we always want! More interactivity, more sound, more infinity! Scott Hove’s newest work, Cakeland, helps us expand that infinity with, well, more cake. More cake and more heart…

Scott Hove's Cakeland @Meow Wolf
Scott Hove’s Cakeland @Meow Wolf. Lindsey Kennedy
Photo Credit: Lindsey Kennedy

Forever Pastry

Scott Hove has worked in cake since like forever. But he’s not a baker, he’s an accomplished installation artist. Scott’s work ethic, his approach to and thoughts behind the art were so impressive that Meow Wolf’s Amy West made a mini-documentary featuring him hard at work, baking his cakeness into our House.

Point is, the man’s expansive. You might even say he’s always rising, but don’t take our word for it. Hear Scott for himself, we’re sure you’ll be as inspired as we were!

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