The Adulti-Verse: Meow Wolf Denver at the speed of adults

Roam free through the worlds during our 21+ nights and explore Meow Wolf's Convergence Station at the speed of adults.

Less whining. More wine-ing. The Adulti-Verse is an opportunity for adults 21 and over to enjoy a not-so-hyper-space without kids inside Convergence Station.

Lose yourself in the interactive exhibits, and explore Meow Wolf at the speed of adults.

Set up a date night or some dedicated time with friends and let your inner child roam free through the worlds.

In a forest setting inside Convergence Station, one person in a green long sleeve shirt has a mask and a female-presenting person in a sequined romper with blonde hair. Another female stands nearby in a gold outfit holding a glass of red wine in the air.
Photo by Sam Nguyen

Convergence Station has a shiny new Adulti-Verse calendar in 2023 featuring everything from steampunk to emo to cryptids. Party themes give our guests the chance to don maximalist attire (if they want) and gives our alien residents the opportunity to eagerly and awkwardly participate in Earther customs.

Come drink in the worlds of Convergence Station from 5-10 pm during Adulti-Verse 2023. Schedule of revelry is below!

two people looking up in awe at something above their heads inside Convergence Station

🗓️ Mark your calendars for nights in The Adulti-Verse 🗓️

🏙️ June 7, 2023: Local-verse | Tickets

Support your local multiverse. We'll be highlighting all things local from bands, art, and more.

September 6, 2023: Drag-A-Verse | Tickets

Come kiki at The Convergence. Get dusted and get ready for this eleganza extravaganza.

October 4, 2023: Spooky-Verse | Tickets

Wander in the realms of the wonderfully weird as we celebrate this spooktacular season of Halloween at Convergence Station.

November 1, 2023: Jam-A-Verse | Tickets

Jam out to vibey tunes within the 6th dimension of Numina. Poke around for unique art on C Street, used to be the heart of town. Sit in on a DJ sesh within the four worlds of The Convergence.

December 6, 2023: Adulti-Verse - a Winter Ball  | Tickets

A Night to Remember to Remember! It’s a winter prom - Meow Wolf style. Don’t forget the intergalactic corsage!

Looking through a bubble at a side profile of a person with green-tinted hair, glasses, and a printed dress holding a drink inside Convergence Station for Adulti-Verse.
Photo by Nick Kaufman

Just because we’re all adults here doesn’t mean we don’t have rules:

☝️ Earthers must be 21 and older, C Street residents must be 84 quantrons +/-, Kaleidogoths are all welcome because they've been frozen for decades, and Ossuary librarians are ageless so it doesn't matter. IDs will be checked at the door.

☝️ Guests are encouraged but not required to wear masks during their visit.

☝️ Tickets available in advance online.

Photo by Nick Kaufman