4 things to know about DANCEPORTATION at Meow Wolf Denver
TRUTH headlines “DANCEPORTATION: Deep Dark & Dangerous,” an immersive dance party at Meow Wolf Denver on December 3, 2022.
Erin Barnes
November 21, 2022

December brings the darkness of winter, and with it, Meow Wolf is bringing Deep Dark & Dangerous into its own polychromatic biome.

Here are four key things you need to know to have the most extraordinary time at Danceportation:

  • Your ticket gives you a night of incredible music AND access to the whole exhibit! The DJs are playing throughout, so you can explore psychedelic art as you wander between stages, or find a quieter room to lounge a little bit.
  • There will be several bars throughout the exhibit. That means you can easily grab a drink and bring it with you wherever you adventure. Please note: last call for alcohol sales is at 1:30 a.m., but we will have non-alcoholic options like kombucha until 2 a.m. and breakfast burritos throughout the whole evening.
  • Danceportation is a PARTY! We encourage all party-goers to don the appropriate attire–sparkles, outlandish costumery, or whatever feeds your soul–to congregate in a bass heavy dark universe as feral creatures of the night.
  • Be ready for surprises and delights. Will there be a body painter? Will there be a conga line? Will there be a Yawlp sighting? Who knows!

lineup for Danceportation on December including Colt Cuts, Wraz, Ego Death

Danceportation is an immersive dance party pulsing through the worlds of Convergence Station. The bash on December 3rd will feature live performances by DJs and producers throughout the alien worlds, access to the entire exhibition, surprise immersive performances, and more special guests to be announced.

people in different outfits in a group on C Street inside Meow Wolf Denver
Photo by Sam Silkworth of Alive Coverage

Concert-goers can dance all night among psychedelic projections and sentient universes. December’s takeover by “Deep Dark & Dangerous” features world-renowned producers and DJs TRUTH headlining along with other special performances curated by the label: Distinct Motive, Coltcuts, Mesck, Woven Thorns, Digital Vagabond, Die By The Sword, Yoko, Sling Wave, plus visuals in The Perplexiplex by Glass Crane and Actualize.

Additional musical guests will be announced leading up to Danceportation. In true Meow Wolf fashion, the evening will be peppered with magical surprises. This event goes from 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. and is only for travelers 21 and over. Tickets are $75 and available here.

view from behind a DJ stage with people dancing inside Numina at Meow Wolf Denver
Photo by Glenn Ross

Danceportation has the intention of transporting you into a pop-up world of…well…DANCE! Make sure to wear your funky party shoes to move in and prepare to dance the night away!

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