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Our Millionth Number One: House of Eternal Return
On Monday, July 16th at Meow Wolf Santa Fe we celebrated our one millionth guest!
Alison Gamache
December 15, 2019

On Monday, July 16th at Meow Wolf Santa Fe we celebrated our one millionth guest! The wild success of our exhibit, House of Eternal Return could not have been possible without the support of our incredible visitors. The event was a celebration of those who've come from near and far to see us and our art. Our guests wait in line in the heat, cold and rain and have supported us from the first day we opened our doors.Raul Longoria and Kim Garcia drove to Santa Fe from Deming, New Mexico with their group of 7 kids to experience the exhibit together for the first time. A few of the kids had ventured into the Multiverse before, but they were excited to experience it with their parents, as a whole family.

The Longoria and Garcia Family, of Deming, New Mexico, Meow Wolf's 1,000,000 visitor at Santa Fe's House of Eternal Return.

“We always travel in a big group so we are used to doing things big, but not this big!” Kim Garcia laughed with a huge smile on her face, “The kids thought we had planned it, but we were just as surprised as they were.”The group of nine was given a gift basket full of Meow Wolf goodies! It included a Lifetime Pass, tickets to the opening weeks of both our forthcoming Denver and Las Vegas exhibitions! They also received tickets to the Taos Vortex Festival happening the first weekend of August.In addition to their many tickets each member of the group received a t-shirt and gift certificates to our online store and our new Float Cafe & Bar.As Meow Wolf continues to grow and to create new things we want to make sure our customers know how grateful we are for the never-ending love and support we continue to receive.Thank you to each of our million plus guests! And congrats to Raul, Kim and their whole family. We look forward to seeing you all everywhere that we continue to grow!