Aquarius Season: Weirdo Revolution!

Discover what Aquarius season has in store, learn key dates, and receive unsolicited advice for how to navigate this dynamic, liberating time.

Hello, Astro Fam, and welcome to Aquarius Season!

Let’s get in touch with our inner weirdo and facilitate some dope collaborations. The energy this season is dynamic and liberating! Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, who loves to challenge the status quo, introduce sudden changes, and create chaos that moves humanity forward. As the ruler of technology, we could see some really wicked and world-changing ideas, art, and gadgets introduced this month! So put your weirdest, most rebellious foot forward during this season and it’s likely to pay off! 

There is a strong need to collaborate in order to achieve higher goals and engage with the community when Uranus is present. On a global scale, this could present itself as protesting for a worthy cause or speaking up against ideals or entities that do not serve mankind as a whole. On a local scale, this could look like donating to your favorite charity, volunteering, or gathering your friends to take action towards addressing a need in your community. The humanitarian in all of us is greatly intensified during this time, and we will come together in amazing ways to help our fellow beings of earth. 

Key Dates for Aquarius Season: 

January 20 - Sun enters Aquarius - Let the revolution begin!  

January 24 - New Moon in Aquarius - Use this time to set your intentions for the changes you would like to see manifest in your reality, whether large or small. 

February 3 - Mercury enters Pisces - communication is a little wishy-washy during this time. People will be feeling emotional and sensitive, so be mindful of your tone.  

February 9 - Full Moon in Leo - This is going to be a day of celebration and excitement. Everyone will feel like partying and being social with this fire Full Moon! 

February 16 - Mercury goes Retrograde in Pisces - Retreat. Reassess. Reconsider. Rewind. Revamp. 

Unsolicited Advice for Aquarius Season:

This is a season for flaunting your talents and taking action towards fulfilling your aspirations. We spent all of Capricorn season strategizing and setting our goals, and now it's time to make things happen! Aquarius is a forward-thinking, progressive sign that is always ushering us into the future. The best advice I can give is to embrace the changes presented and learn to enjoy the liberation that Uranus is trying to initiate into your life. 

Air and Fire signs will likely thrive during this invigorating season, while Earth and Water signs may be a little slower to make a move! Collaboration with people who have opposite strengths and talents to yours will be greatly beneficial at this time. If you have a great idea that you’ve been waiting to launch, now is the time to put it out into the world. Don’t hesitate, the winds of change are blowing in swiftly this season.