[CHARTER:] Chaotic Developments Underway at the Selig House

Agent 35 continues to make us proud with his investigation into the events leading to the Seligs’ disappearance.

From: Security Officer 10, THE PYRAMID

To: All Charter Agents Assigned to the Selig House, Santa Fe Quarantine Zone

March 17, 2016 - 7:06 p.m. (Arrested Time Flow)

I was happily enjoying my thirty minutes of R&R for the year when my communicator began buzzing in my hip pocket. I had no sooner sat down than I was alerted that there were new abnormalities forming in the Selig House, formerly of Mendocino, California, now quarantined at the Charter facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Santa Fe seemed like the safest place to store the Selig House. The sleepy desert town has remained nearly unchanged in its 400-year history. What could possibly go wrong? The Charter has successfully used this universe’s New Mexico as a dumping ground for dangerous materials for centuries. Derelict spacecraft from our wars with the Greys, droning noises that connect to no identifiable source, and the occasional failed biological experiment were all disposed of in New Mexico without incident. Sure, the odd resident or two may sometimes report a cattle abduction or a vaporform entity wandering near a riverbank, but such things have never threatened us.

Image Above: Agent 12 captured this image moments before she was swallowed by the all-consuming vortex.

We have no idea where this thing goes and we're very upset that 12 refuses to answer her communicator. She's being written up, if she ever returns.

Until today. Your utter failure to keep the Selig House under control is a black mark on this agency’s history. When the dangerous cabal of Anomaly Children known as the Selig Family broke Time/Space at 7:06 p.m. on March 17, 2016, the Charter acted with remarkable speed to get the situation under control. We prevented a total universal collapse, even as the Anomaly itself was boiling through the house, creating portals to deviant and unlicensed realities. The quarantine was executed within seconds, putting an end to the Anomaly’s spree of creative chaos.

The House remained unstable, but we sent our best agents to fix it. But you didn’t fix it. You had a year to put things back in Order and the situation within the Selig House is more chaotic now than it ever was. I am looking at the data from the house and I can see that there is a new portal, a spinning vortex located in the laundry room that acts as a bridge to another world.I understand that other children of the Anomaly, perhaps seeking to finish the creative chaos that the Seligs started, have infiltrated the House. These people created the largest portal yet, THE WILDERNESS, an enormous room that encourages people to interact with dangerous sonic energy.

Image Above: doseone is an Anomaly provocateur.

Do not attempt to apprehend doseone. He called Agent 52 a "dorklord" once. 52 has yet to recover from the incident and our thoughts are with him.

Video 5:32 | doseone Creates "WILDERNESS" at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM

This work of chaos was masterminded by Adam Drucker, who goes by the Anomaly-inspired pseudonym doseone. His collaborator, Charlie Huguenard, designed the sonics. Their addition threatens the integrity of our quarantine.Do I really need to remind you that sonic energy caused this mess in the first place?!That said, not all of you are disappointments to The Charter.

Agent 35 continues to make us proud with his investigation into the events leading to the Seligs’ disappearance. He informs me that he has found new documents: a book of scientific notes belonging to 10-year-old Lex Pastore; letters from his sister Morgan, the empath; and a treasure trove of information written by the esoteric musician Nicolae Pastore. The latter piece could be the smoking gun that puts this whole investigation to bed. 35 will be promoted. The rest of you? Well, unfortunately we only have so many positions open in the robot pits.

Image Above: The cooling rods for the quarantine generator must not be tampered with.

If we catch agents cooking hotdogs on this exceedingly dangerous equipment again they will be reassigned somewhere cold and dark.

It’s not too late for you to redeem yourselves. 35 told me that there is an event planned by Anomaly sympathizers after the facility reopens on February 2nd, 2017. Attend. Infiltrate. Act like you’re worthy of the title “Agent.”

Meow Wolf Upgrade Unveiling Party

with GO DΔRK and doseone

Date: Thursday, Feb. 2, 8 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Price: $12, $15 @ the door.

Ages: 21+

Venue: Meow Wolf, 1352 Rufina Cir, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Do not disappoint us, agents. You are all on notice. That is all.

(images by Lindsey Kennedy, unless otherwise noted)