Meow Wolf’s Family-Friendly Guide: Santa Fe

A magnificent and intergalactic guide of enjoyable family-friendly activities to enjoy Spring Break in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This is it! It’s finally here—the ultimate kid-friendly Santa Fe Spring Break Guide that families across the United States have been waiting for! May we please start with the most important tip? Before leaving on your family’s trip to Santa Fe, please do a face-to-face headcount to avoid leaving Kevin alone with the burglars again or finding another stray Portal Hopper poorly disguised as Granny. ::PRAYINGHANDS::

We’ve pulled together a few days’ worth of activities for the whole family to enjoy Spring Break in Santa Fe. So once you leave the time-space rift of House of Eternal Return, your brain doesn’t have to push too hard to revert back to our current timeline and plan the rest of the trip. Here are our top family-friendly Santa Fe adventures:

Day One

Take in the scenic views on a themed train with live storytellers and entertainment on Sky Railway’s 18-mile experience and ride from Santa Fe to historic Lamy, New Mexico. George R.R. Martin invested in this and he also invested in House of Eternal Return, so does this make us distant cousins, pi removed?

a train, painted to look like a large wolf in the front with some stars, passing through the desert terrain with mountains in the background
Sky Railway

Next, families that make pottery together, stay together! Sink your hands into creative mud play and take a family pottery lesson at Baca Street Pottery

Day Two

Start your day off by (non-aggressively) hitting the slopes at Ski Santa Fe—a family-friendly destination with a base elevation of 10,350, seven lifts, and lessons for all levels of skiers or riders. Whaddaview! 

Now, here’s a tip in a Haiku for you: Play in a treehouse, Randall Davey Audubon, enjoy the outdoors.

Randall Davey Audubon

Day Three

Get lost and then found (please get found again, we don’t want you to end up like the Selig­-Pastore family) in Peter Pan’s Labyrinth, an outdoor maze created by artist Johnathan Thompson. 

Bobcats, reptiles, and hawks – oh my! Find (and even symbolically) adopt your new animal buddy at the New Mexico Wildlife Center.

Just gonna take a quick break to thank you for making it this far and to welcome back some of our readers who just returned to these sweet, sweet suggestions again. We see you and we appreciate you.

Day Four

Sled into the next dimension of “yay” or slay your catwalk practice on the spectacular trails at Hyde Memorial State Park. *FYI––BYOS: sleds are not provided. Also, please make sure to speak with our interdimensional travel guide, Alva, before actually sledding into the next dimension of “yay” (too much “yay” can create rifts, stomach aches, or new political figures).

Introduce your younger kiddos to Cornelius the snake, play in a giant sandbox, or build and create at Santa Fe Children’s Museum.

Say “hi” to the Brontosaurus Family on Dinosaur Trail. They just showed up one day and haven’t moved much since, but apparently enjoy the desert.  

Lose track of space and time and experience the inside of your wildest dreams at Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return. There are over 70 rooms of mind-bending, interactive art for all ages to explore, a mysterious Victorian manor to investigate, and portals to other dimensions to travel. We recommend at least a two-hour visit—there's a lot to see!

neon coral trees line up on either side of a dark path with fish floating above and throughout the trees
Inside House of Eternal Return. Photo by Jess Gallo, Atlas Media

Day Five

Experimentation and family, as you know, play a critical role here at Meow Wolf—encourage your littles to experiment with relativity of simultaneity by experiencing ancient nature and rich history up close and personal on the trails of Pecos National Historical Park. Make sure to look for the kivas.

Then come back to this timeline and climb your way over to LiggettVille, New Mexico’s largest ropes course, and the number one source of collected energy (mostly through joyful screams) for those incorporated and animated monsters.


Yeah, this is the hard part where our most righteous guide has to end (for now). Parting is such sweet sorrow, but we will meet again, eternally. Wait! Did you feel that? Déjà vu. You’ve read this before, you’ve been to all these places, and your family had an incredible time on Spring Break in Santa Fe (in another timeline). Make this timeline your best one yet, because you still can.