It’s Always Happy Hour in Vegas

Omega Mart is full of secrets, including our hidden Datamosh Bar with exceptional cocktails

While Omega Mart is full of hilarious products and mysteries to explore, our best-kept secret is actually our Datamosh Bar, tucked away within the exhibition.

Most Omega Mart shoppers walk right past it, searching for portals and other dimensions and overlook it entirely. If you’re lucky enough to find it (spoiler alert: it’s in the Pharmacy), you’ll also find that, like everything we do here, the drink options go beyond the ordinary and venture into the deliciously weird.

In no particular order, meet our Datamosh line up. First up, every feline’s favorite


icy mojito drink at Datamosh
Meowjito at Datamosh Bar inside of Omega Mart. Photo by Laurent Velasquez

It’s the classic mojito you love with a sweet twist. Made with The Real McCoy Rum, Smith & Cross Rum, lemongrass and guava, this drink is (don’t say it, don’t say it) purrfect for those not looking to venture too far out of their comfort zone. This one is a top seller because it never disappoints.

Orange Dream

pink drink with orange slice and swirly straw
Orange Dream at Datamosh Bar inside of Omega Mart. Photo by Laurent Velasquez

Made from the fresh-ish produce in our mart, our Orange Dream is a throwback to the creamsicles from your childhood. Except, we added liquor...hopefully unlike your childhood. Originally made with OJ + Vanilla + Coco Dream Whip + Ginger Ale, it’s a favorite among all ages, but you can add Mezcal or Vodka for just $2 more.

Old Fashioned Spray

blue drink in a cocktail glass next to a spray bottle called "Old Fashioned Spray"
Old Fashioned Spray at Datamosh Bar inside of Omega Mart. Photo by Laurent Velasquez

Yes, we spray the alcohol out of this bottle. No, you can’t take it with you. Made with Cali Riptide 118 Proof Whiskey, our Old Fashioned Spray hits harder than you think.

The Source

smoke billowing from the top of a glass in a blue-lit room at Datamosh
The Source at Datamosh Bar inside of Omega Mart. Photo by Laurent Velasquez

If you came here because you saw us on Tik Tok and now you need a photo for your own ‘gram, then The Source is our pièce de résistance. This beauty is made with gin, Italicus, rhubarb liqueur, strawberry puree, citrus, and it has a photo-worthy bergamot bubble filled with smoke to top it off. The Source is, of course, one of our more obvious nods to Omega Mart but other less apparent easter eggs are sprinkled throughout the full menu, like the use of Rosemary scent here as an homage to Rose The Herbalist. 

Behind the Bar

We’d be remiss to forget about the badass women behind our bar. These drinks were crafted by the talented women of the Happy Hour Agency. Irene Martinez heads up their Booze Department (where can we apply?!), while Eliana Dominguez handles design and Connie Shen tackles Comms. Their impressive client list includes Levi’s, Oculus, Perrier, and now, Meow Wolf!

The Happy Hour team was tasked with creating cocktails that found the perfect blend between our Omega Mart storyline and our Meow Wolf vibe and nailed it perfectly.

“We originally started with thirteen cocktails, all of which we loved for different reasons! It was tough and took several rounds of tasting over the course of nearly a year and a half to lock in the final eight, but we feel really good about the menu.” says Connie Shen.

As you should, Connie. As you should.

As mentioned, there are actually 7 signature cocktails on our menu, but...we’ll be honest. We’ve been taste testing while writing (for quality assurance purposes) so it’s probably best to wrap this up before things get weird.

Bar entrance requires an Omega Mart ticket so be sure to grab your ticket early and peep all of our pre-arrival details to get the most out of your shopping experience. Omega Mart is located inside AREA15, at 3215 S. Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102.