We’re done with art. Back to bowling.

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return to revert to bowling alley on November 1, 2021.

Photo by Clyde Muller

It’s time to split.

When one portal closes, another lane opens up! Those of you who have hovered around our little Meow Wolf orbit over the years know that we don’t like to be pinned down. That is to say, we’ve taken a long, pandemic-blasted moment to reflect, and we feel like we’ve pushed this art thing as far as we could. So, we’ve decided that we’re going to return to our roots and repurpose the building back into a bowling alley!

You might remember that our art collective rocketship really took off when author George R.R. Martin invested in the purchase and renovation of a defunct Silva Lanes bowling alley back in 2015. Like the donut-shaped multiverse we all inhabit, we feel that it’s only appropriate for the good ship Meow Wolf to come full circle and set a new course for our first passion: knocking down the old ten pins and doling out high-fives.

“It’s always been about bowling for me...for all of us really,” says forgotten Meow Wolf co-founder Aprille Fultz. “Somewhere along the way we got a little sidetracked with these art projects, but the idea was always to make just enough money so that we could bowl six days a week and do art shit on the seventh. It didn’t happen all at once, but slowly those numbers got flipped. There’s no doubt my average score has suffered over the years as a result. You wonder what could’ve been.”

Fortunately, we’ll be able to save money for the transition by keeping our current carpeting, turning our gift shop into a birthday party room, and repurposing our stage for Teen Nights. The arcade is also likely to stay, but look for future additions to include Big Buck Hunter, Cruis’n USA, and a foosball table or air hockey table. Fans of House of Eternal Return will also be pleased to hear that our signature mind-bending, explore-the-multiverse vibe won’t be going away completely because...every Thursday will be Cosmic Bowling Night featuring DJ Snaggy! It’ll be like bowling in outer space!

Speaking of, have you ever wondered what it’d be like to bowl on the moon? Our Virtual Reality Bowling Booth will provide the immersive experience of bowling in one of five preset virtual environments, including: Moon, Moon 2, Prairie Dog Inhabited Median, the Original Silva Lanes, and Allsup’s.

We know that this decision might come as a shock to many of our supporters. We feel like these unprecedented times have happened for a reason, and the arrows on the floorboards are telling us that this is an opportunity to reset the pins and roll the strike of our dreams. Will you be there to give us a hearty high-five?