Meow Wolf Gift Guide 2019!

Discover the latest Meow Wolf merch and let us help you find the perfect gift for the holiday season.

What gift do you get for the Multiversal traveler in your life? The art lover? The dreamer? The cosmically-curious, philosophically-phantasmic visionaries?

We weirdos are just like the rest of you. We require cuddly wearables, containers for consumables, and delightful doodads! We like socks! We also understand that we can be difficult when it comes to gifts, but this varied list of Meow Wolf gifts should have something for every weirdo in your life. There are even suggestions for the fun-loving philistines in your family! Plus, if none of these picks strike a chord, you can always give the gift of an unforgettable experience by taking your loved one to Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return. We’re just sayin’... okay, here goes...

Robot Ugly Holiday Sweater and Beanie

Even looks good inside-out! One person’s ugly sweater is another’s maximalist treasure of torso delights. Featuring Meow Wolf’s iconic “Becoming Human” robot sculpture, this sweater pairs well with our freshest beanie (aka “head sweater”). A tree is planted for every sweater and beanie purchased.

Meow Wolf Crossbody Bag

Pretty much impossible to misplace.

Designed by local New Mexican artist Claire Sanders, the crossbody bag is the perfect companion for carrying the essentials during Multiversal travel. ...and yes, it’s large enough to hold the most gigantic-est iPhone.

Experience Tube

We all have that one friend...

The Experience Tube™ is a revolutionary analog device that can create instant connections without peripheral distractions, and now it’s available in two new colorways! Subjective studies have proven that it’s the best possible way to induce giggle fits.

Glowquarium Mug

That's a good looking mug.

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return features the “Glowquarium,” which some guests describe as “beautiful enough to drink from,” and now you can! Next time you sit down for a cup of joe, don’t miss the opportunity to tell the world, “I’ve been to Meow Wolf. Look at the mug.”

Meow Wolf Plush Cap

Just your everyday, running-errands hat.

Is it a hat? Is it a beanie? Is it alive? Whatever the case, it’s on your head now and you can never take it off. Those are the rules, so you might as well strap in and enjoy the Meow Wolf Plush Cap that may or may not feed off your brain and gain your knowledge.

Lost Socks

Do the right thing. Give these lost socks a fur-ever home.

What happens to the lost socks that mysteriously disappear from your dryer? They stumble into our House, where we re-pair them, send them through our Anomalous Dryer, and tumble them until we’re left with one final, fashion-forward, multidimensionally-entangled sock! Problem solved.

Creatures of the Multiverse Book

Your first step towards becoming a Multiversal Park Ranger.

The Creatures of the Multiverse: Field Guide Volume One is a comprehensive interdimensional resource available to Earth-beings, and a must-have for any Multiverse enthusiast’s backpack, back pocket, or home library. Annoy your friends with fictional, zoological pedantry!

Meow Wolf Plush

So cute I could scream.

Pop Quiz: What’s more squeezably adorable than a 3-eyed wolf fused with a one-eyed cat? Nothing, that’s what. Either way, this cuddly cutie is certified Grade-A snuggly. Fact.

Origin Story Movie + Essentials Bundle

It's a Living Thing thing.

Meow Wolf: Origin Story is the documentary that takes us through the meteoric rise of an anarchic art collective as it builds and opens the wildly successful House of Eternal Return before mutating into an amorphous art monster that spews similarly-branded T-shirts, stickers, and beanies.

Vista Boss

Kids not included.

What do you do when you’re an everyday, low-level Vista employee who wants to show all of your friends the Meow Wolf Santa Fe experience in stunning 3D? You work hard, create a cosmic, photographic portal back into House of Eternal Return, and get promoted to Vista Boss.

FFD Sweater

Is it even an "ugly holiday sweater" if it looks so dope?

We’ve heard that the Future Fantasy Delight “Angel Baby” and “Devil Baby” collectible pins grant their wearers protection and inspiration. If that’s true, we can only imagine the powers contained within this amazing FFD Sweater. Warmth, at least.

I Want To Write A Poem That Will Inspire The World

by Legit Concerns

It's complete and utter panda-monium... of thoughtful and funny philosophical gems.

Within the pages of Legit Concerns’ book, you’ll meet a panda who wants to write a poem that will inspire the world, a coyote who wishes goodwill to all earth dwellings, and a lizard who realizes our anxiety is frequently self-induced. Freshly-juiced from the mind of Mikey Rae!

Player One Archival Print by Obsidiopolis

Player One has entered the game.

In Janell Langford’s “Obsidiopolis,” the artist and designer has created a utopian world ruled and inhabited by women of color. It’s an empathetic, afro-futuristic, and unapologetically femme universe that you should be examining and thinking about

Robot Figurine Toy

"They made me a toy? I was just learning to love..."

Starting your own miniature replica of Meow Wolf Santa Fe? You’ll need this Robot Figurine Toy to serve as the parking lot centerpiece of your creation. Based on the original sculpture titled “Becoming Human,” this little friend knows what it’s like to feel ALL of the feelings all at once… It’s kind of like the experience of going to House of Eternal Return for the first time, but in toy form!

Still stuck? Let this handy-dandy flowchart make your decisions EVEN EASIER!!!