Meow Wolf's Annual Guide to Spring Break in Las Vegas

Your go-to guide for all the best eats, arts and activities for Spring Break in Las Vegas, including your favorite grocery store, Omega Mart!

Another year, another extended break where you have to try and find activities that will excite your perpetually unimpressed children. 

Or perhaps you’ve decided that, even in adulthood, you still deserve a springtime break! 

Whether it’s a day trip with friends, a much-needed week away with the family, or a staycation for the locals, below are our recommendations for taking spring break in Las Vegas.

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What's New Now?

New things in Vegas: More traffic cones

Also new: Awakening at The Wynn

Boasting impressive tech and lighting, the production value alone is worth the watch, but the story—one of love and light and magic—also brings something different to The Strip. 

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Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart VIP Package

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Support The Arts District

We’ve long since expressed our love for The Arts District. Some of our favorite galleries and dive bars live in the heart of downtown. Regardless of how long you’re here, a trip off The Strip is worth it. 

The common misconception here in Vegas is that we’re a flashy, tourist-focused city, but for those who live here, it’s the simple pleasures that make Las Vegas so special. While it’s certainly exciting to see concert promos projected hundreds of feet in the air, it’s also nice to experience art in slightly less ostentatious forms, too. 

While many galleries have been priced out of the Downtown area as it makes its revival, a few have remained, including Recycled Propaganda and Pricilla Fowler, both of which display local artists and occasionally-changing exhibitions. 

If you’re looking for something a little less formal—or if you’re Spring Breakin’ on a budget—lead your own art tour using our Downtown Art Guide!  

Looking for something to keep you entertained? The Majestic Repertory Theatre is the perfect place for late night laughs with a venue so intimate that audience members can’t help but become part of the show. 

Established in the fall of 2016, the "Majestic" name was chosen in honor of one of the first theatres in Las Vegas: the Majestic Theatre. It was a vaudeville house and cinema active in the early 1900s, originally located on Fremont Street. 

Beyond these few suggestions, there is so much more to see and do downtown, and really the fun part is stumbling across a dingy door and asking the group, “Well, should we give it a try?” 


From eateries like Soulbelly BBQ (grab the disco fries and dance the night away to live music) to breweries like Nevada Brew Works, and to places who do both well (lookin’ at you Able Baker), you could spend all day here and still not see everything.

illustration of an escape room with numbers floating and a person emerging from the ceiling to rab keys

Escape from the Routine

While Vegas has always been synonymous with fun, lively vibes, recently we’ve been trending towards horror and suspense. Well, the experiences at least. Escape rooms have emerged in Vegas in the last year and offer something immersive and new to locals and tourists alike. 

New to The Strip is PanIQ, part escape room, part bar and lounge. With 7 themes to choose from ranging in both difficulty and fear factor, it’s a great group activity for friends or families! Innovative, high-tech puzzles and immersive gameplay makes this a must for anyone who’s already gotten down to the bottom of whatever is going on at Omega Mart

And if you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia, the Rugrats-themed escape room at The Forum Shops is the perfect throwback for babies and growed ups! 

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And Now…A Word from Our Locals 

The one thing we can always guarantee in Vegas is that there is no shortage of hidden gems in this town…which means that one opinion isn’t enough. That’s why we asked around, and our team had their must-sees and must-dos ready to go. 

“My fav thing on the strip is City Center’s Fine Art Collection. There’s a list online of their 30+ piece collection inside Aria, Crystals, and The Cosmopolitan. Some artists that are featured are Maya Lin and Henry Moore. Outside of the strip, of course, I love Red Rock! My most favorite place though to take visitors is (surprisingly) in Boulder City! It’s called Hemenway Park, and it is known for the bighorn sheep that love to roam there. It’s beautiful. You also get a fantastic view of Lake Mead.” - Sandra K. 

Springs Preserve is amazing! Fun museums, bike trails…all-around a beautiful space. Good food and views at the Divine Cafe and the butterfly garden. Right past the AZ/NV border are some amazing nature/hikes, too, like Willow Beach (famous emerald caves, perfect for renting boats/kayaks) and Arizona Hot Springs Hike. Describing it as ‘very cool’ is an understatement.” - Juliette R. 

“How about Vegas Theatre Company in the Arts District? They have improv, amazing seasons of theatrical goodness that A ton of our fellow shrimps have been a part of!”  - Jules M. 

“Comedy Sportz Las Vegas! Every Saturday at Mom's Basement Theater at 7pm. $10 at the door or register online at” - Maura M. 

“The Oyster Bar at Palace Station is a one-of-a-kind sort of experience. And that pan roast...yum.” -Christy S. 

Ramen Hashi on spring mountain is an amazing ramen spot with customizable homemade ramen, big portions, and decent prices.” - Shayla K. 

​​”For a retro good time, visit some old-school Vegas spots! Roller Rinks! Crystal Palace and Skate Rock City are super fun. Did you know we also have a drive-in movie theater? The West Wind Drive-In has been around since the 1950s and doesn’t look like it’s changed much since then. It's a great spot for family fun or an old-fashioned date night.” - Robin S. 

“For tech fans I'm working with a new show in town based on the TV show Battlebots called Battlebots: Destruct-A-Thon which happens Thursday-Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. It's robots causing mayhem and destruction to each other what's not to love!” - Alexander K. 

Tule Springs! I am on the Tusk Advisory Board, appointed from the LV Paiute Tribe. We are working on ways to educate and talk about our history and peoples in the area—our Nuwu people, to name one! Super rad fossils of mammoths and so many other things! “Sloan Canyon, Desert National Wildlife Refuge and Wetlands Park are also on the cusp of the city, accessible, and fun outdoors.” - Fawn D. 

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