Return of Meow Wolf’s Monster Battle

Join us for Monster Battle, a free all-ages event happening on July 25 in Santa Fe's historic Plaza.

Imagine seeing a horde of monsters descending on the 400-year-old historic heart of Santa Fe, preparing for battle.

By battle, of course, we mean the battle of dance.

Mischievous monsters, mutants, beasts, gargoyles, and creatures of all kinds and ages, get your claws out and your tails on for a freaky dance clash at the Santa Fe Plaza!

illustrated poster that looks like the teeth of a monster spelling out the words "Monster Battle"

Gather your pack, channel your inner-beast, and show off your funniest, scariest, cutest, or most monster-y, dance battle-y costumes. Really though, this is your chance to be extra creative, be yourself, and have fun with it!

person wearing a green floral jacket and a large brimmed hat like a mushroom
Photos by Kate Russell

person covered in straw and twigs at Monster Battle at the Santa Fe Plaza
from left to right: kid in orange NASA space suit, kid riding a t-rex, kid dressed as a pirate, kid in Red Sox uniform and hat

Although some of the details of the mysterious beginnings of this tradition are lost to “ancient” history, we do know that this spontaneous dance-off started in 2008 with a colorful assembly of monster style mayhem and music. It has turned into a yearly (minus 2020-21), family-friendly tradition ever since.

person with red hair up in a bun and a mask with a third eye in the center

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Feel free to bring chairs.
  • This is an alcohol-free event.
  • Bring your water bottle, as we will have water stations on site.

Get details for Monster Battle on July 25, a free event at the Santa Fe Plaza with DJ Snaggy, Spoolius and The Muse.

DJ Snaggy in a red suit with green lightsbeaming from behind the DJ area
person with blonde curly hair and black and white striped painted across the face
small child in red costume with three rounded horns on the top of the head

Find out more about Monster Battle here, happening July 25th in Santa Fe's historic Plaza.