5 Things You Must Know About Meow Wolf Grapevine

Before you hop into the portal, let us break down 5 things you should know about Meow Wolf in Grapevine, TX (near Dallas-Fort Worth).

The Real Unreal is the newest addition to the Meow Wolf family, which means we get asked a lot of questions — “A fourth one?” “What is this place?” “What does it add to the Meow Wolf story?” Well, we’re here to answer at least a few of those for you before you visit us in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and see for yourself. 

Why Did Meow Wolf Choose Grapevine, Texas?

Meow Wolf Grapevine storefront inside Grapevine Mills Mall.
Mall Front of Meow Wolf Grapevine. Photo by Imani Thomas

We’ve had our eye on Texas since the beginning. Texas and New Mexico are neighbors and we've worked with many artists, met many fans and built partnerships in the state throughout the years. It felt like the obvious move as we searched for our next permanent exhibit.

Grapevine Mills, specifically, holds a special place in our hearts. Meow Wolf founder Matt King grew up attending the mall and advocated for its artistic potential as we began scouting locations. As a mall, Grapevine Mills sets itself apart by transforming big box spaces into attractions like escape rooms, high-tech arcades, and even aquariums! Meow Wolf is known for utilizing unique spaces so this was a perfect match!

Isn’t There Already a Meow Wolf House?

The Delaney House Living Room. Photo by Kate Russell

Meow Wolf’s multiversal cul-de-sac grows as a new house is added to the neighborhood!

The Real Unreal in Grapevine, TX has a house, and the House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, NM has a house. This thematic repetition is intentional. While each exhibit is different, they’re all a part of the same overarching story. Collaborating artists weave elements from existing locations into each new space to continue the storyline and expand upon the Meow Wolf Universe. 

Ask yourself: why would we make another house? What can this story add to the larger storyline? What can it piece together?

Think of Meow Wolf Grapevine and The Real Unreal as a next chapter in the ever-growing, living story that is Meow Wolf. You’ll run into familiar characters, settings, and that same ‘ol Meow Wolf imagination in each space.

How Long Will This Experience Take?

Muffin by William Robison. Photo by Kate Russell

Meow Wolf is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type of experience. Similar to life, in every space you encounter, you will be presented with several options for how to move forward (that was a scary analogy, sorry for bringing it up). Behind every door is either a new world to explore, a new clue to solve the mystery – and almost always a new piece of art that you’ll love.

Guests spend an average of 90 minutes inside the exhibit, but we recommend you plan for at least 2 hours. Take your time, look closely, point at things and go ooooh, ahhh, that’s kind of weird

It’s okay. We know.

What Are Brain Beans?

Four miniature pods glow from within as they hang in an enclosed purple forest.
Furtive Glimpses by Laura Latimer. Photo by Paul Torres

There are several interactive experiences within Meow Wolf Grapevine, including a scavenger hunt! All around The Real Unreal are strange sprouts popping up everywhere. What are they? What do they want? 

Each sprout asks guests to text a code word to a phone number using their personal phone.

Each code word triggers a reply on the guest’s phone that contains a “Brain Bean.” The Brain Beans guide guests through little experiences, point them towards easter eggs, or offer up thoughtful reflections.

Guests can text #GOODBYE when they’re done collecting Brain Beans (or at any point) and they’ll be presented with a picture of their “Head Garden”, featuring all the Brain Beans that they have collected.

Is Meow Wolf Grapevine Accessible?

A child in a fox mask picking up a tea kettle to look inside.
The Delaney House Kitchen. Photo by Kate Russell

Each Meow Wolf exhibition meets the accessibility standards set by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and are navigable by wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and crutches. Some attractions and offerings will vary on accessibility, but the majority of our exhibition is navigable by wheelchair.

Some areas on the exhibition’s floors may require additional navigational guidance from our staff, who are always available to help guests have a great experience! In most cases, there are multiple ways to enter an area, so don’t be deterred if one path is unavailable. This may lead you to the discovery of a new route or portal! Keep exploring!

Areas which may be a trigger are behind doors and/or have warning signs! Many spaces or rooms throughout the exhibition are designed for a more minimal sensory experience, and therefore might offer a respite for participants seeking a quiet space. If you are concerned about light and noise sensitivity, we encourage you to explore and discover these quiet spaces. 

Alright, we think you’re ready for your Meow Wolf Grapevine visit! If you’re curious to know more about Meow Wolf or have thought of even more questions since beginning this blob journey, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Safe travels, portal hoppers!!