10 Reasons Omega Mart is a Vegas Game Changer

Meow Wolf Las Vegas at Area 15 will transform your family vacation into a mind bending adventure. 

Las Vegas. If what you want isn’t here, it probably doesn’t exist.

But what about the things you didn’t know you wanted? Enter: Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. It’s not a show, or an arcade, or a museum — and yet, all of that and more.

(Imagine going on a scavenger hunt in another dimension…with a bar. Yeah, it’s kinda like that.)

What we’re saying is, all these Vegas top ten lists are going to have to start over. Because some of the coolest things to do in Vegas didn’t exist before Omega Mart opened its doors.

So, if you wanna make your next trip to Sin City really out of this world, here’s a good place to start.

1. A playground for your inner child

Omega Mart is family friendly, open to humans of all ages — and that includes inner children.

Haven’t seen yours in a while? We can fix that.

You might find yourself in a warehouse-sized playground, with slides bigger than your house. Or going through a real-life looking glass, into another world entirely.

Think of the greatest amusement park you’ve ever been to, with a Vegas-style twist. If the idea of that geeks you out, imagine what it’d do for a real kid.

Fractalife by Claudia Bueno. Photo by Atlas Media

2. Art like you’ve never seen it.

Imagine you’re like…walking through an art museum. But halfway through, it melts into a funhouse.”

Most art is presented only for long stares and contemplation, but we’re more interested in paintings you can walk into and explore! How about a sculpture garden that’ll make you feel like you’ve stumbled on the ruins of an alien planet? Now you can run wild alongside your imagination.

We’ve spent three years figuring out how to turn an otherwise boring art world into something exhilarating and unprecedentedly gorgeous.

And that leads us to our next point…

three sided area of two panels each with moving white lights in various, natural, organic shapes
Claudia Bueno’s Pulse. Photo by Laurent Velazquez

3. Selfies welcome.

Yeah, we may have accidentally created the most Instagrammable place in Vegas. We didn’t do it for the ‘gram, but we won’t blame you if you do.

Fact is, we’ve got spaces here that any shutterbug would have a field day in. Be Earth’s first alien landscape photographer.

Your friends might not recognize where you were, but they’ll know it wasn’t boring.

4. A spa for the imagination.

Vegas is full of bright lights and wild nights. And don’t get us wrong: We’ve got all that on lock (and even more in our surrounding home at AREA15).

But there’s so much more to Omega Mart than a good time. Imagine a vacation for your imagination. A spa for your creative self. Mmhmm — that’s the Omega Mart experience. It’ll change the way you see the world. Once you’ve left Earth, you’ll have no choice.

red laser in a dark room in the shape of a harp
A DOUBLE laser harp at Omega Mart. Photo by Laurent Velazquez

5. Unforgettable stories

Movies are great and all. But they’re so…flat.

That got us thinking. What if you could walk inside of a movie? Maybe you’d languish in that scene with the gorgeous desert landscape for an hour. At Omega Mart, that’s a reality.

Just like House of Eternal Return, there’s a story to unravel at Omega Mart — in fact, they may just be connected. Like a real-life choose-your-own-adventure novel, you can get wrapped up in the narrative, or just gawk at the pretty pictures — it’s totally up to you. In the process, you might alter the story itself, for you and your fellow Omega Mart patrons.

6. A new kind of game

In the age of VR, you might think you’ve played every game in town. Think again.

We’ve teamed up with hundreds of artists to try to create brand new ways to have fun in our beautifully weird world. Create a musical masterpiece on our state-of-the-art double-laser harp. A game of hide in seek in the produce section may transport you to a hedge maze, that leads to…well, you’ll see.

If you can dream it — even if you can’t — you can probably do it at your local Omega Mart.

robot receptionist in a dark room
Dramcorp receptionist at Omega Mart. Photo by Laurent Velazquez

a melting machine inside Omega Mart
Factory Console at Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Photo by Kate Russell

7. A one-of-a-kind shopping experience

I know what you’re thinking: every grocery store has mind-bending mazes and laser harps. Is there anything different about the Omega Mart shopping experience?

We thought you’d ask. That’s why Omega Mart’s hallowed aisles are stocked with one-of-a-kind products you won’t find anywhere else in the galaxy.

And what might that be? Everything from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque treats to art-ifacts from across the galaxy.

Just be careful around the shirt racks — customers have been known to get lost in there.

Daikon Radishes at Omega Mart. Photo by Laurent Velazquez

8. Location, location, location.  

The inside may feel lightyears away from reality, but Omega Mart isn't in the middle of nowhere. And it's not right on top of the Bellagio, either.

Just a little over a mile off of the strip, Omega Mart's a bridge between Vegas' parallel worlds: A short trip from the action for weekenders, and blissfully out of earshot for locals.

Catch is, once you're there, your trip's just begun.

9. A transportive time

Sometimes, going out is about getting away from the world as you know it.

Outside of an airport, Omega Mart’s the most transportive place in Vegas — and maybe the world. Thing is, like a surprise vacation, you really won’t know where you’re going until you’ve landed. Or, in our case, stepped into the soda section.

In other words, Omega Mart is to a grocery store what a telephone booth is to a speakeasy. And really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Omega Mart’s Frosty Drinkables Portal. Photo by Laurent Velazquez

10. More WTF’s than we can share here

Anti-spoiler code prevents us from giving away too much. But we could fill a book with all the surprises we’ve got in store.

The best way to tell you what you’re missing is to see for yourself. Even then, you may not believe your eyes.

Dramcorp Reception Area at Omega Mart. Photo by Laurent Velazquez

Tickets to Omega Mart are now on sale!