Progress Report: Vegas Baby!

From performances at The Believer Festival to the SuperCube and AREA15, Meow Wolf has been all over Vegas this spring.

There’s been a lot of anticipation for our next permanent exhibit at Meow Wolf Las Vegas, but so much more has been happening lately in the Entertainment Capital of the World, and we wanted to catch you up on what we’ve been doing and how things are progressing in Vegas!

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Reggie Watts closed out this year’s Believer Festival in Las Vegas’ Red Rock Canyon. Photo by Kate Russell.

The Believer Festival

Black Mountain Institute at UNLV — home to The Believer magazine — put on a 3-day celebration of writing, music, and visual arts this past April, and Meow Wolf was lucky enough to contribute to the 2019 Believer Festival by creating an original series of interactive performances that were set against the background of this wonderful moment of creative discovery.

The festival caught the attention of the NY Times which declared Vegas a literary hub because of the Believer.

Meow Wolf’s performance pieces were directed by Alexandra Renzo and feature Adriana Chavez, Nandita Dinesh, Danielle Reddick, Heidi Rider, and Gina Shorten. Produced by Isabel Zermani, costumes by Sarah Bradley, production management by Meghan Maher. Photo by Kate Russell.


The SuperCube in action at RECon 2019. Photo by Emily Wilson. Artist Geoff Banzoff and MW team on-site. Photographed by: Emily Wilson Photography
Time out! Zack Morris might be trapped in the SuperCube. Photo by Kate Russell.

What’s a SuperCube, you say?

SuperCube is the multisensory entertainment hub that has traveled back from the future to delight the minds of today! Created by Meow Wolf fabricator Geoff Banhoz, SuperCube is simultaneously a lo-tech ride for kids and a hi-tech, multimedia experience for adults.

From May 19-22, SuperCube went on a little journey to RECon 2019 in Las Vegas, where emerging retailers, tech pioneers, and hot dog champions got to witness the 6-sided, programmable wonder in all of its cubey glory.


Meow Wolf cruisin’ on a custom car by Henry Chang. Photo by Kate Russell.
AREA15 in Las Vegas
Concept art for AREA15, an experiential retail and entertainment complex coming to Las Vegas.

We’re so excited to be AREA15’s anchor tenant with our upcoming Meow Wolf Las Vegas exhibit! For those of you who don’t already know, AREA15 is going to be the home for a totally different Vegas experience, including experimental entertainment and immersive retail.

Check out the photos below for some concept art and a little sneak peek at what’s to come!


Construction for Meow Wolf Las Vegas at AREA15 is progressing nicely, and we have proof! We can’t wait to show everybody the final product of what we’ve been working on, but in the meantime you can take a little gander and dream along with us. Our Vegas location is set to open in early 2020, and you’ll just have to trust us when we say that it’s going to be totally worth the wait!

Stay tuned, friends...

The future location of the next permanent Meow Wolf exhibit at AREA15. Photo by Kate Russell.
Construction progress of Meow Wolf's new exhibit at AREA15 in Las Vegas, Nevada