Sagittarius Season: Fire It Up!

Sagittarius Season emerges as a fiery breath of fresh air from the watery depths of Scorpio. The energies are lighter and more jovial, putting us all in the holiday spirit of community and celebration!

Hello Astro Fam, and welcome to Sagittarius Season!

The energies are lighter and more jovial, putting us all in the holiday spirit of community and celebration. That’s because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the king of expansion and JOY! Anything Jupiter touches in your chart is likely to prosper in ways you never imagined. So now would be a great time to start a business, take a class on something that interests you, or maybe learn a new language. There is a cautionary tone to this expansive energy, though, as things like budgets and waistlines can also expand when Sagittarius is activated in the sky.

Sagittarius brings out the optimistic and forward-looking spirit in all of us, so have some faith that the things you invest in right now will be fruitful! This time of the year is always good for contemplating your beliefs and personal philosophies to make sure they are still aligned with who you are in the present. There’s a wild energy that wants to spark ideas and causes for celebration in your life. Allow this creative energy to guide you to fulfillment.

If you want to embody Sagittarius energy this season, do something that takes you out of your comfort zone as Sag loves to push boundaries. It’s also an ideal time to start cooking up plans for that dream vacation as Sagittarius rules over travel and exploring foreign cultures. Sagittarius can make a home anywhere in the world and needs movement and bigger-picture-thinking to be happy! So use this time to plot out your goals and dreams for 2020!

Key Dates for Sagittarius Season: November 22 - The Sun enters Sagittarius - Let the games begin! November 26 - New Moon in Sagittarius - Set your intentions for the next Full Moon cycle and don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars! Sagittarius wants to expand on all your desires. November 27 - Neptune turns direct - The mental fog will clear and you will be able to see the path to your goals more clearly. December 2 - Jupiter enters Capricorn - Get ready for blessings in your work, finances, and career sectors! December 12 - Full Moon in Gemini - Complete the harvest you planted with the New Moon in Sagittarius. This is a time for communication with both the universe and close relationships about what you need moving forward to be happy.

Unsolicited Advice on Navigating the Season: Sagittarius Season is always a little jarring for the Water and Earth signs of the zodiac! They have a tendency to take things personally, and would rather not have all of their flaws pointed out in brutal honesty wrapped in a joking tone. Fire and Air signs, on the other hand, love this time of year as they are able to embrace their passions and celebrate the many successes that Jupiter bestows. No matter the element you fall under, you can make the most of this season by speaking your truth, opening yourself up to abundance, accepting constructive criticism, and standing in your own integrity. Sagittarius wants to know what dream you are currently pointing your arrow at and if there is any way that dream could be BIGGER!

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