Attention to Detail: the artist Katie Green
The Canadian artist creates an immersive mural at Meow Wolf melding our characters and hers
Washington D.C.
Meow Wolf elects Washington D.C.
Dec 11 by John Feins
Meow Wolf D.C. will be the next permanent installation from the growing arts and entertainment start-up, the result of a...
History of Meow Wolf: Providing Access to Creativity
Dec 7 by Dave Jasmon
This graphic lays out the entire scope of Meow Wolf’s history…where we’ve been, what we’ve overcome, and how we got...
Diego Mireless Duran
Meow Files: Diego Mireles Duran
Jun 13 by Christopher J
When I get hold of him in May, Diego Mireles Duran is in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico working on a mural as...
Meow Files: Madeleine Tonzi, Mural Maker
May 30 by Geet Jacobs
There’s something about sticking to this dimension that doesn’t quite work for us. Nor does it for Oakland-based artist Madeleine...
Record Breaker
Score Wars Record Setters, Galaga Champs and the Years to Come
Apr 5 by Christopher J
Score Wars, presented by Meow Wolf, has crashed its final ship for 2018. The victory was absolute and the earth...
World Records To Be Broken at Score Wars this Weekend
Mar 27 by Christopher J
They’re all lined up and are descending, row by row. The 10 Legacy Champs who’re slated to set world records...
Timeworm, House of Eternal Return
Timeworm is House of Eternal Return’s Newest Portal, and It’s Beautiful!
Mar 18 by Meow Wolf
We’re guessing you’ve heard we’ve got a new portal. And, if you haven’t, you should know – we’ve got a...
Scott Hove's Cakeland @Meow Wolf
It’s Always A Good Time For Cakeland
Mar 11 by Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf’s 2018 House of Eternal Return annual update is massive! We haven’t just expanded our Multiverse, we’ve blown it wide...
6 Artists Behind Meow Wolf’s New Rooms
Feb 16 by Alison Gamache
Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return annual update is maximal! Not only have we lavished extra attention on beloved locations...