Meow Wolf Denver: It’s All Coming Together

Meow Wolf Denver is opening this Fall 2021 – our biggest, most transformative experience yet is imminent!

Can you feel it? No, that’s not the eternal gaze of the Denver International Airport Demon Horse looking into your soul. That anxious, excited feeling is the realization that Meow Wolf Denver will be selling tickets and opening its doors before you know it!

If you’ve been reading our articles, you’ve heard about the 110 collaborating Colorado artists who are contributing to our third permanent exhibition, such as Kalyn Heffernan and Gregg Ziemba of Wheelchair Sports Camp, among many others. Trust us when we say that we can’t wait for you all to experience, absorb, and redistribute the powerful, heartfelt energy that these artists (and over 300 creatives total) have put into this project.

Todd Richins, Executive Creative Producer of Meow Wolf Denver says, “The Denver exhibition is bound to bend minds, inspire creativity, and touch hearts when we open our doors this fall. Meow Wolf Denver is a one-stop immersive and imaginative art experience for the ages.”

Looking up at a ceiling with feet dangling down and small lights scattered on the walls
“Wheelchair Space Kitchen” by Kalyn Heffernan and Gregg Ziemba at Meow Wolf Denver. Photo by Kennedy Cottrell.

For tasty morsels of the gorgeous, breathtaking work you can expect to see when Meow Wolf Denver opens, stay tuned into our Instagram, where we’ve already shared a sneak peek of “Crystal Future” by Christopher Owen Nelson, unveiled a glimpse of our Cosmohedron (probably cooler than other cosmohedrons...cosmohedra?), and introduced you to Engyl and Urgey from Everything Is Terrible! There just might be more reveals in the coming days, too. Who’s to say? Probably best to keep checking…

Aquakota Nightclub” by Colin Richard Ferguson Ward, Peniel Apantenco, and Kim Shively at Meow Wolf Denver. Photo by Kennedy Cottrell.

If you’re looking for further insight into our collaborating artists, their work, and their lives as creatives, check out our ongoing coverage here. Recent features have highlighted the art of  Frankie Toan and the collaboration between Cal Duran and David Ocelotl Garcia, and there are many more fascinating stories to come!

Frankie Toan’s “The Finger Dome” at Meow Wolf Denver. Photo by Kennedy Cottrell.

The entirety of the upcoming Meow Wolf Denver exhibition will be located in a stand-alone building. It will house 4 floors of interactive exhibits interconnected through vertical travel and secret passageways. In addition to our signature, out-of-this-world immersive experience, Meow Wolf Denver will feature unique food offerings, a retail space, a gift shop, and a 450+ person live performance venue created in partnership with interactive technology and projection masters.

Andrea Thurber’s “Ruptured Time” at Meow Wolf Denver. Photo by Kennedy Cottrell.

Announcements regarding the opening date for Meow Wolf Denver — and when tickets will go on sale — are coming soon! If you want to be among the first to experience the next level of immersive art, we highly suggest you sign up at the link below.

David Ocelotl Garcia & Cal Duran’s “Earth Spirits of the Subconscious Mind” at Meow Wolf Denver. Photo by Kennedy Cottrell.

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