Sun Valley Kitchen
Sun Valley — one of the oldest and lowest income neighborhoods in Denver — has always been a food desert. For years the only place for groceries besides the 7-Eleven…
Our History: Providing Access to Creativity
Nov 20 by Dave Jasmon
If creativity has always been the driving force of Meow Wolf, access has been the greatest barrier. Over the years, Meow Wolf has come a long way. From a small…
Community Input for Community Impact
Nov 14 by Gabbie Atsepoyi
Recently, I attended a Community Advisory Committee meeting at the Sun Valley Community Kitchen for Meow Wolf Denver. The group is a 15-member cohort of Sun Valley residents, community leaders,…
Born to B-Boy
Nov 9 by Mattie Snider
With a shy smile hiding behind shaggy brown curls, Santa Fe’s Ricky Rodriguez, Jr. seems like a typical 10-year-old. That is, until he effortlessly pops a handstand and comes up…
Indigenerds Converge at Indigenous Comic Con
Nov 1 by Julia Goldberg
Anyone can be an indigenerd, Lee Francis 4 says. “You don’t have to take a DNA test. For me, an indigenerd is someone that is interested in seeing dynamic portrayal…
New Mexico
We Don’t Get Out Much: The Original Santa Fe Ghost Tour
“We Don’t Get Out Much” follows writers Collin Stapleton and Michael Wilson as they throw away their “would rather not” attitude and venture to peculiar attractions, bizarre locations, and uncomfortable…
Meow Wolf
Oct 30
Meow Wolf's House of Halloween
House of Halloween 2018 at Meow Wolf Santa Fe
Oct 10 by John Feins
The best Halloween experience in New Mexico this October is Meow Wolf's House of Halloween. New installations, performances, and events starting October 17!
New Mexico
Fall Into Santa Fe, NM | Meow Wolf’s 5 Day Itinerary
Sep 11 by Morgan Lord
Come late September, when fall ramps up in Santa Fe, New Mexico so does the magic—the sound of the wind quaking through the bold gold aspen leaves, the taste of…
Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape at Elitch Gardens
Aug 22 by Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf will be partnering with Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park, our new neighbor near Meow Wolf Denver, to bring an innovative, alluring and sensational new art ride to…
Punk Safe
Aug 16 by Christina Procter
At Denver’s Seventh Circle, punk roots lay the ground for free expression Nothing says punk like Seventh Circle, a music venue and DIY space in Denver that has transformed the…
Not Cloned
Austin’s print house and DIY space Raw Paw cross breeds creativity Raw Paw started in the style of many DIY groups—with a group of friends who wanted to be creative,…
Denver Days Sun Valley
Aug 16 by Gabbie Atsepoyi
The Denver Days initiative has commenced each first week of August since 2013 to celebrate the strength of Denver communities. This year’s Denver Days gathering took place in Sun Valley…
Colorado Black Arts Festival
Jul 25 by Meow Wolf
Since 1986, the Colorado Black Arts Festival has provided a unique space to display various forms of rich and local artistic expression -- from drum-rich dance performances to colorful cultural…
Our Millionth Number One: House of Eternal Return
Jul 17 by Alison Gamache
On Monday, July 16th at Meow Wolf Santa Fe we celebrated our one millionth guest! The wild success of our exhibit, House of Eternal Return could not have been possible…
Cartooning Politics: An Evening and Workshop with Issa Nyaphaga
Jul 2 by Christopher J
Join the inspiring artist and activist Issa Nyaphaga at Meow Wolf on Friday, July 6, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. for a political cartoon workshop. If you haven’t heard of Nyaphaga, then you’re missing out because his story is an inspiring one. The workshop is appropriate for all ages.