Melt Your Minds with a Punk Variety TV Show: The Eyeslicer
The Eyeslicer is back with a second season of experimental short films and a plan to revive the independent filmmaker scene. A pair of pixelated friends — animation so simple,…
Progress Report: Denver Developments!
Sep 9 by Dave Jasmon
We’ve had a busy year so far in the Mile High City. Next up: Meow Wolf Denver… Before Meow Wolf...
New Mexico
Bring On the Funny: CloudTop Comedy Festival comes to Santa Fe
Sep 6 by Dave Jasmon
Featuring over 50 comedians, CloudTop Comedy Festival will showcase everyone from locals to future stars of stand-up and well-known headliners...
Taos, NM
New Mexico
Meow Wolf’s Ultimate Guide to Taos, New Mexico
Aug 11 by Dave Jasmon
For those visiting Santa Fe in search of art, green chiles, and desert scenery, a perpendicular pilgrimage to Taos is...
Healing Spaces: Marina Fini
Jul 25 by Allyson Lupovich
“I don’t ever feel like my work is just me,” says Marina Fini while sitting on a cloud bed between...
In the Garden of Sensory Delights: Pussy Power House
What would it be like if women ran the world? Corinne Loperfido and her feminist art community Pussy Power House are on a mission to show us. The self-described “Boss Ass…
EDM, Soul, Spectacle and Show: 35 Artists of Taos Vortex 2019
Jul 23 by Dave Jasmon
Welcome to the super-fancy-very-special Taos Vortex Edition of our monthly Setlist! It’s possible you know everything there is to know...
The Setlist : July
Jun 27 by Megan Cohen
SEE ALL SHOWS Drugdealer 7/10/19 Michael Collins, ringleader of psychedelic rock collective, Drugdealer, takes a collaborative approach on this project....
What We Celebrate When We Celebrate Pride
Jun 20 by Morningstar Angeline
Fifty years after the Stonewall Riots–wherein a NYC gay bar police raid became a three day rebellion started by trans...
Conversation Sparker : Frank Buffalo Hyde
Jun 19 by Dave Jasmon
A herd of buffalo are barreling right for you. . . but wait, are they being chased by UFOs? Flying...
AREA15 in Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Progress Report: Vegas Baby!
From performances at The Believer Festival to the SuperCube and AREA15, Meow Wolf has been all over Vegas this spring.
See The Cutting Edge Of Art Right Here In Santa Fe
Jun 13 by Dave Jasmon
Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe explores new methods of storytelling through art and technology!
A Very Meow Wolf Summer: What You Need to Know
Jun 12 by Dave Jasmon
At long last, summer is upon us. The winds — and allergies — of a Santa Fe spring will soon...
This Scenic Cruise Takes You From Kaleidoscape To Meow Wolf Santa Fe
Jun 11 by Dave Jasmon
The official unofficial Meow Wolf guide to taking the scenic route from Denver to Santa Fe
The Setlist : June 2019
May 29 by Megan Cohen
Featuring our favorite musicians taking the stage at Meow Wolf Santa Fe this month.