Surveillance: Itchy-O’s Sold-Out Concert at Meow Wolf, 3/25

Meow Wolf's photo blog of Itchy-O's incredible performance in Santa Fe. Featuring Tesla coils, flames, synths and apocalyptic drums.
by Billiam Rodgers
Apr 23, 2017

SANTA FE — Itchy-O was one of those concerts you find yourself thinking about weeks after it happened. At their March 25 show at Meow Wolf this Denver-area avant-garde band used its 30 – 40 members to maximum effect by completely mobbing our space. The concert began in the parking lot with a drum core, synthesizers, flamethrowers and a freakin’ Tesla coil that one of the members played with a keyboard. The band led a procession indoors shortly after, but Itchy-O doesn’t treat concert venues the same way conventional musicians do.

Itchy-O really shines when they’re working with performance and space. Their masked members were everywhere around the exhibit. You couldn’t walk a few feet without running into one of them lurking through the crowd. If they weren’t on the stage playing huge Taiko drums or shredding industrial-style guitar riffs atop a stack of speakers, they were roving through the exhibition with customized synthesizers, theremins, or megaphones. Veiled dancers dressed in flowing black robes brought home the Jodorowsky-esque magical vibes that characterize the band’s otherworldly, hypnagogic presence.

The sound was apocalyptic: you could close your eyes and picture planets crashing into each other. The exhibit-spanning performance aspect was a fantastic maximalist addition to Itchy-O’s music because it felt like there was no escape from them. It’s been nearly a month and we haven’t stopped talking about them around the office.

Lindsey Kennedy, our staff photographer, roved the exhibition grabbing shots from the concert. We picked out some of the best ones from the series to show here today. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before Itchy-O shows their black masked-faces around Santa Fe again. Thank you, as always, for your kind attention and if you see yourself or someone you know in these pictures, please use the social media links below to share them!

— Billiam

And thanks to guest Patrick Anderson for this great compilation video!

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