Surveillance: Meow Wolf Birthday Weekend Photo Gallery

Meow Wolf celebrated its first birthday as a permanent exhibition just a couple weeks ago. Kate Russell, our staff photographer, was on the ground the whole time. She captured images of guests, performers, delicious cake and the sold-out Princess Nokia show. If you were in The House of Eternal Return around the week of March 17, you may show up in this gallery!

It was a busy weekend around the House. The Selig family re-materialized on the anniversary of their disappearance and spent the day coming to grips with their new lives as pan-dimensional entities. We hosted circus performers and an incredible cake designed by Zara Southard of Maggie’s Cakes. We also had a few surprises we didn’t announce to the public at large. Snaggy, our mascot, went through the exhibit hiding gift boxes of Meow Wolf goodies. These were mostly discovered by sharp-eyed kids who got to take the treasures home with them. Thanks again to our guests and to the wonderful city of Santa Fe, New Mexico: this is all your fault.

Enjoy the images and if you recognize anyone you know please send them this post. You can share this post on social media with the icons at the bottom of the page. Thanks, as always, for your kind attention and keep checking back here for more galleries in the days to come. We have perfected the panopticon. Our cameras are always watching…

— Billiam

Birthday Weekend Photo Gallery