About Face: Introducing The ‘Experience Tube’ by Meow Wolf

There's hardly a need for us to push the wonders of Experience Tube with something as antiquated as words when we've images and video to lick the eyeballs.

Meow Wolf’s latest project will electrify your face. Not literally of course, because we love your face. Yet imagine this friends: your face as a live, straight-to-the-eye feed, no filter, looking right into the 3D faces of your loved ones.

That is what The Experience Tube brings to your life in these times of multidevices.

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Experience Tube is the longtime dream project of Meow Wolf artist Nicholas Toll. Nick designed and began to share the majesty of his Experience Tube long ago, so with much pent-up excitement Meow Wolf brings The Tube at long last to your attention.

Our guests will know Nick from his “Busy Box” room in House of Eternal Return. You can see Nick and his room in progress in the picture below, and Nick’s artistic stamp from Busy Box carries over into The Experience Tube. Note his sorry strong lines and colorful, striped leanings.

Nick Toll for Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return
Nick Toll for Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return

Many of us at Meow Wolf have been intimate with this life-changing product for several years. Some Meow Wolfers first bloomed into The Tube way back in 2012 when we were finishing up an installation for the famous Communikey festival in Boulder. Needless to say, our faces were worn out, withdrawn and prone to arterly seriousness, but after popping them into the intimate Experience Tube we were rejuvenated by the humble but essential joy of the familiar faces of our collective-mates.

Faces enjoying The Experience Tube
Faces enjoying The Experience Tube

There’s hardly a need for us to push you, friends, to explore Experience Tube’s wonders with something as antiquated as words when we’ve images and VIDEO to lick the eyeballs:

The Experience Tube is available NOW, just in time for fall’s ruddy faces of friends collection.

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Don’t miss out! Enhance your face today with Experience Tube.

Experience Tube — for just the tube of us!