Meow Wolf is a social impact art project that fuels a business, and a business that fuels a social impact art project. We believe in the power of creativity to transform our worlds, so we partner with organizations and artists to increase access to the arts and stimulate the creative economy.
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Investments in Arts

Meow Wolf has contributed over $2 million to nonprofit partners since its founding. Priority is given to requests from local, community-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations who serve one of our communities - Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, Grapevine and Houston.

We use our investments to increase access to the arts and stimulate the creative economy. We are committed to providing creative and inclusive opportunities for all, with a special focus on historically marginalized groups.

As Meow Wolf grows into new locations, we acknowledge that each community is unique. We start with listening to the needs of the local creative community before engaging in a significant way.

To read more about our priority areas or to request support from Meow Wolf, please visit our Philanthropy page. For more information on what we've been up to, check out our impact reports:

Corporate Responsibility

Meow Wolf is committed to doing business for good and meets the highest verified standards for social and environmental performance.

As a Certified B Corporation and Public Benefit Corporation, Meow Wolf invests in five key areas to increase our corporate responsibility — Governance, Workers, Environment, Community, and Customers.

Meow Wolf first certified as a B Corporation in 2017 with a score of 80.2 and recertified in 2022 with a score of 110.3, an improvement of 37%.

You can read more about our B Corp initiatives and efforts at the B-Corp page on our website and our public B-Corp profile.

Artist Engagement

Stimulating artists and creative communities remain an essential pillar of our impact. Meow Wolf continually creates opportunities for local artists within our exhibitions and our communities.

For our new exhibitions, we center working with local artists. These artists have deep histories, connections in their communities and we work to elevate their artwork. The work does not end in our exhibitions, Meow Wolf regularly seeks local artists to collaborate on community projects, special events, pop-ups and more.

We endeavor to keep building a community of artists that will work with Meow Wolf for years to come. Meow Wolf has engaged with over 100 artists for various collaborations in 2022 alone.

Our goal is to create economic opportunities, amplify diverse voices, connect artists with a wider audience, and provide professional development for artists.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, read more about our artist collaboration program and submit your work through our Artist Collaboration form.

Meow Wolf Foundation logo in pink, blue, yellow, and green

The Meow Wolf Foundation is dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and advancement of various forms of art and culture. We believe in supporting artists, preserving cultural heritage, fostering creativity, encouraging artistic innovation, and enriching society through artistic and cultural endeavors.

We aim to support the full spectrum of the arts and cultural ecosystem – inclusive, diverse, multicultural, small, large, emerging, established, participation, presentation, traditional, contemporary, grassroots, professional.

Internship Program

Meow Wolf's internship program has been going strong since 2021, expanding from a single cohort in Santa Fe to a full program across our corporate and creative divisions, each of our exhibitions, and our project sites.

Almost 100 interns have passed through our program, gaining valuable knowledge and experience from our wonderful mentors over the 10 week program.

Our program is made up of three tenets:
  • Bolstering Community: We focus our internship recruitment within our communities, ensuring that those residents benefit from Meow Wolf’s presence.
  • Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: We value opportunities to help underrepresented voices in the fields of art and themed experience gain the skills and knowledge they need to be part of the industry.
  • Cultivating New Talent: We prioritize internships that will provide a path for students to become full-time employees post-graduation.

We currently offer a June-August summer cohort as well as a project cohort during the install phase of each of our new exhibitions. You can find out what opportunities are available through our Career Site under the respective place you’d like to work.

Community Stories