New Cafe + Bar Floats Inside House of Eternal Return

Float is the 'new' cafe and bar located inside the lobby of Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return.
by Christopher J
Feb 13, 2018

Float is the ‘new’ cafe and bar located inside the lobby of Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return. Since we opened, Duel Brewing has graced us with their fine beers and lovely service, but back in November 2017 we acquired our our own license. This means beer, wine and cider and all you’d come to expect from Duel, but it now means cocktails too! We’ll also be serving espresso in a variety of formats, from the normcore cup-o-black coffee to ultra-galactic lattes with lavender foam.

Retro-Futurist Sci-Fi: A Future that Never Was Is Alive and Well

Float boasts a retro-futurist sci-fi theme. The cafe’s skyline is a series of geodesic shapes from which descend our newly coined Lumpy Charms: colorful, chalky-marshmallowy looking flowers, hearts, popsicles, thunderbolts, and other fun shapes. These alluring charms will emits patterns of light to add to the clouds of your dreams an unshakable neon lining.

Float's Rare Drinks

Rare Beverages: A Meow Wolf Tradition

The key ingredient to Float is its drinks. Rare drinks are a funny thing to think about, but they’re a part of deep Meow Wolf lore since Duereturn. Our mythic time and dimension hopping ship was, at one point in its history, entirely powered by a mysterious beverage called Norwegian Rot. Norwegian Rot was served at many Duereturn soirées and is legend to Wolfs of those bygone days.

Following in that fine and obscure tradition are the drinks featured at Float. Coffee drinks, teas, health shakes and, after 4:00 p.m., spirits have all been shaped in the image of the multiverse. The house drinks are all unique and will have a rotating menu of experimental options! Drinks will feature Lumpy Charm-like marshmallows, lavender foam (see below), and many other one-of-a-kind delights.

A variety of Absinthe is also available at Float. These inspired Absinthe drinks are poured through a ‘cotton candy cloud.’

Vegan Jambalaya from Trinity Kitchen

Bringing Home the Cajun

Our favorite food truck, Trinity Kitchen, will bring the savory sustenance to Float. You can order off their Cajun and Southern inspired menu with Float staff and Trinity will bring the food right to you. During upgrades, Trinity has made some upgrades of their own and now this down-south cookery has an increase of cooking capacity! They’ve tweaked their menu and also can do more better and faster, as my nephew says. They’ll launch with a few more options for vegetarians also, like the vegan jambalaya you saw above.

Lumpy Charms in a Lavender Foam

Float will open with a full menu on Feb 14, alongside our annual House of Eternal Return upgrades.

To Your Health & Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!


All photos Kate Russell