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Our Exhibitions

Four unique experiences with a common purpose: to expand worlds and minds through the lens of Meow Wolf’s kaleidoscopic art. Pick a portal and get lost.

logo for The Cosmic Howl, a Meow Wolf-wide Halloween party in October
Every Halloween season, Meow Wolf summons our strangest and most beautiful sides to emerge with a Cosmic Howl
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What is Meow Wolf?

Born in Santa Fe in 2008 as an underground art collective, the living being called “Meow Wolf” is made of hundreds of artists and storytellers from all over this universe. Together, we imagine and create new immersive worlds to explore.

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Upcoming Shows and Events
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Snag your very own piece of Meow Wolf. Our merch shop is filled with tees, plushies, stickers and impulse purchases galore created by artists.

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