What happens in Vegas... is now for the Whole Family!
From “Vegas Baby!” to Vegas...with babies. 
Ashley Roberts
February 23, 2023

You know, it used to be that whatever salacious thing happened here in Las Vegas, the whole group agreed: It stayed here. And if you are looking for a wild Vegas weekend with friends, we’ve got recommendations for you. Or...if you’re looking for an artsy, off-the-beaten-path Vegas experience, we’ve got you covered on that end, too.

But, if you’ve suddenly found yourself trading in your “Vegas, Baby” chant for a packed car of wet wipes, fully charged iPads and a Disney Spotify playlist already downloaded...this one’s for you!

The below recommendations have been family-tested and kid-approved!

*Disclaimer: Every child is different (and also kids are wild), so Meow Wolf is not responsible for any tantrums that may come as a result of our recommendations. Thank you for understanding.

You Have No Idea What’s In-Store for You!

a small female toddler in a mask reaches out with one finger to touch a blue, triangular art structure
Upload Ghosts, by Stephen Hendee, located on the second floor of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Photo by Kate Russell

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “Is Omega Mart okay for kids?”, and the answer is YES! Our experiences are for everyone, but sometimes it’s the kids who end up enjoying them most, and understandably so! At 55,000 square feet, Omega Mart is an extra large playground with plenty of crawl space and new things to see around every corner. And, for once, they don’t have to keep their hands to themselves (as if they even could)!

As a heads-up, while they’re not intended to be frightening, some children might find parts of our experiences dark, scary or overwhelming. To help, Omega Mart offers sensory bags that are free to check out and use while you experience the exhibition. They’re great for adults and children alike who may find the experience to be a sensory overload!

two children, approximately 5 and 2 years old, stand in the middle of the Projected Desert at Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. The smaller child is standing in the center looking down at the glowing ring of light.
Source Runoff inside of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, located within the Projected Desert. Photo by Kate Russell

When you enter Omega Mart, you’ll be handed an OMEGA ACCESS card, and while your kids may or may not be interested in all the content you can unlock using your card, it gives them something to hold and allows them to tap around on screens that they tend to find pretty darn cool.

a young boy, approximately 6-8 years old in a red flannel button up shirt and a mask stands at a boop station in the employee micro-breakroom. His hand reaches out to touch the bright red boop station to take the cone color test.
Boop Station in the Employee Micro-Breakroom on the second floor of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Photo by Kate Russell

Also, you’ll find strange and colorful products that your kids can pick up all over the store. They can grab a bag of chips and realize it’s actually a pillow. If they’re old enough, they might even enjoy the playful descriptions on every product. Are you holding peanut butter, or is that actually our famous Peanut Goo? And of course, don’t forget to grab that iconic freezer photo.

A masked young girl, approximately 8-10 years old, walks out of the drink cooler portal. An adult walks out behind her and there is also a young toddler off to the right next to another drink cooler.
Frosty Drinkables Portal inside of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Photo by Kate Russell

Your kids will leave very satisfied after enjoying an Orange Dream (OJ + Vanilla + Coco Dream Whip + Ginger Ale) from Omega Mart’s hidden Datamosh Bar.

Local’s Note: Omega Mart doesn’t allow strollers or large bags/backpacks, so if you can, try to bring a baby sling and pack just the essentials in a purse or small bag. If necessary, you can also check a bag for $5.

For more answers to your most pressing Omega Mart questions, check out the 5 things you must know before you arrive!

Catch a Game!

an aerial photo of the Las Vegas Ballpark at sunset. A large hotel and events center can be seen in the background as the sun sets behind the mountains. The stadium is filled with fans as the Las Vegas Aviators, Las Vegas’ minor league baseball team, takes the field.
Las Vegas Ballpark, located in Summerlin, Nevada. Photo courtesy of @TheLVBallpark on Instagram

Okay, so initially we in Vegas were a bit hesitant about the whole “sports” thing, but that was before our beloved Golden Knights came along. Now...we’re definitely a sports town.

Don’t @ us.

If you’re bringing a few tiny humans that love to watch a live game, the Las Vegas Ballpark is a perfect start to your fun-filled vacation. Watching our minor league baseball team, the Las Vegas Aviators, is major fun for the whole family, and tickets start as low as $18.

Two costumed characters stand on the Las Vegas ballpark baseball field and point to the camera. Spruce the Goose is dressed in a dark blue and orange air pilot’s jumpsuit. He is using one hand to point at the camera and the other to lift his large orange glasses to reveal his bright blue eyes. The character to the right is The Aviator who is in a blue, yellow and orange costume pointing at the camera. He wears a reflective helmet and a parachute back on his back.
Las Vegas Aviators’ Mascots: Spruce the Goose [left] and The Aviator [right]. Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Aviators

With between-inning games for kids, wandering mascots and the best hat nachos we’ve ever had, we can guarantee this won’t be just a cheap thrill. Select nights even include a fireworks show that’s worth staying for all 9 (nine, right?!) innings!

Local's note: The Las Vegas ballpark actually has a pool, but that’s for private rentals only and usually sells out a season in advance, so we recommend shielding their eyes as you walk by it! We learned that one the hard way.

Fun in the Sun!

It used to be that if you wanted to be near the water, it’d have to be Cali. Now, depending on where you’re staying, your hotel may already come with a resort-style pool. If not, or if you’re just looking to switch it up, Vegas has not one, but two water parks! Wet N Wild and Cowabunga Bay provide a combined 21 slides/pools that will keep the tiny humans cool and smiling non-stop!

A group of four boys coming down a waterslide on an inflatable yellow tube.
Water Slide at Wet N Wild. Photo courtesy of the Wet N Wild

A local note: these two parks are on opposite sides of town, so you probably won’t want to do both. They are about equidistant from The Strip, but if you’re staying in an AirBNB, choose the park closest to you. You can’t go wrong either way!

A Walk on the Wild Side

Regardless of how you’ve spent your day, you’ve definitely worked up an appetite for dinner! The challenge now becomes deciding where to take the kids for a nice sit-down meal. Back in the day, you would’ve opted for experiential dining like Hell’s Kitchen, or a lavish night out at Lavo, but these days you need something that has a reasonable kids menu and something to keep the littles occupied while you wait for the food to come.

With those two requirements in mind, we give you...Rainforest Cafe!

The entrance to Rainforest Cafe features a large brown bench that gives the impression that it’s cut from wood. A large black gorilla sits to the left on the bench with his left arm draped across the back of the bench, inviting guests to sit next to him. Behind the bench, there is a bright green sign that reads “Rainforest Cafe: A Wild Place to Shop and Eat” in yellow writing. To the right of the green sign, there is a smaller brown sign that says Las Vegas, Nevada. A pair of mysterious cat eyes sit just above the city name.
Rainforest Cafe Entrance in Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of Rainforest Cafe

Now, we admit that it is a chain, so depending on where you’re from, it may not be an undiscovered gem to your family. However, The Strip views certainly give it a certain Vegas flair that is missing elsewhere.

First, you’ll be greeted by Nile the crocodile and Julius Squeezer, a boa constrictor who hangs from the treetops as you enter. Kids can enjoy the sights and sounds of the rainforest, complete with talking, animatronic animals and periodic “thunderstorms” while they wait for their food to arrive. The best part is that the American fare served up fresh is both delicious and noncontroversial, which is a tough combination to find for kids anywhere!

A wide photo of the Rainforest Cafe dining area. There are several large tables, surrounded by lush trees that have fake butterflies and birds hanging from their branches.
Wide Photo of the Rainforest Cafe dining room. Photo courtesy of Rainforest Cafe

Local’s Note: The portion sizes for the kids’ meals are actually pretty big, so if you’ve got more than one kiddo, feel free to have them share! Unless, of course, they’re at the age where sharing is a no-no word.

The best part is that once you’re done with dinner, there’s still plenty of time to take in a show! Take a step outside, and just a short walk away are the Bellagio Fountains. Performing daily (until midnight) the kids will be amazed at the water works show, and you’ll be amazed at how fun free can be!

The Bellagio fountains shoot from the air in one large ring of light, with several smaller streams of water creating a second stream of light. The Bellagio hotel and casino stands in the background as the sunsets.
The Fountains in front of The Bellagio. Photo courtesy of The Bellagio

That Vegas Magic

A photo of the largest observation wheel in the world, The High Roller, sits between several hotels at The Linq on The Strip. The High Roller glows in the night as red, white and blue fireworks go off in the background.
The High Roller located at The Linq. Photo courtesy of The Linq

If it’s in the budget, we’ll always suggest a Vegas show, but how do you decide what will hold your kids’ attention for more than 15 minutes?

Well, we’ve gone ahead and done the hard work for you. We’ve taken the liberty of checking out quite a few shows that claim to be great for families (all off the clock, of course 😏), and the vote was unanimous. The clear winner was Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly. It’s a full 90-minute show, and we’ll admit to being skeptical, but it was immediately obvious how Mat won the ninth season of America’s Got Talent. That man sure can do the magic!

Vegas magician Mat Franco stands on the stage with a backdrop of stars behind him. A cannon with three funnels is next to him and dozens of cards shoot from the cannon and fly into the audience.
Mat Franco, winner of America’s Got Talent, on stage at The Mat Franco Theater at The Linq. Photo courtesy of Mat Franco

With mind-blowing tricks that engage the audience (at one point, we were all on our hands and knees collecting ☝️ those cards ☝️), and even some pyrotechnics that are sure to wake up the non-believer in the back, Mat puts on a show that your children will happily sit through without complaint. The only tears will be when they inevitably have to leave.

Local’s Note: It’s a pretty small theater and Mat does quite a bit of walking around, so there’s really no awful seat in the house. But, if you’ve got littles that may find it hard to see, we suggest Preferred or Booth seating.

A Sugar Rush

The biggest misconception about Vegas is that if it’s for adults, it’s for adults and adults only. In reality, there are dozens of places on The Strip that are equally enjoyable for the entire family, and our final stop is one of them.

a wide photo of the large and lavish Sugar Factory dining room. There is a long red booth under a sparkling chandelier with black and white chairs on the other side of the table.
Sugar Factory Dining Room at The Fashion Show Mall. Photo courtesy of The Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory initially comes off as your typical “look but don’t touch” Vegas restaurant, but that’s all a part of the experience. The space is luxurious and the desserts are decadent, but you’re free to have a good time. This is one of our favorite family spots because there's nothing but good vibes here. They crank up the music for a few minutes when someone is celebrating a birthday so the kids can get up and dance, and that’s good because they’re about to get a sugar rush.

two large milkshakes sit atop a white granite table. The milkshake on the left, called the Cookie Monster Make a Wish, is tall and the glass is dipped in chocolate. It has cookie dough and chunks of cookie stuck in the chocolate on the outside. On top of the milkshake sits a circular donut with blue icing and two eyes to resemble Cookie Monster. Also on the plat is a vanilla cupcake with blue icing and two eyes. The milkshake on the right, The Princess Make a Wish, has a glass dipped in bright pink sprinkles. On top, there are two straws poking out next to an oversized pink lollipop and a vanilla cupcake with pink frosting.
Cookie Monster Make a Wish Milkshake [left] and Princess Make a Wish Milkshake [right]. Photo courtesy of The Sugar Factory

Will they finish the whole Cookie Monster shake in one sitting? Hopefully not! But the looks on their faces when it arrives will be worth it. The milkshakes are absolutely over the top, and that’s part of the fun! But don’t worry, adults are allowed to have fun here, too! The adult beverages are just as jaw-dropping, and they’re also *full chef’s kiss*.

a photo of a large glass with the Sugar Factory logo sits next to two bottles of Cognac. The drink in the center has smoke falling from its top onto the table as a hand pours the last of the mixed drink into the glass.
The Fuzzy Peach Penguin Mango Cocktail. Photo courtesy of The Sugar Factory

Local’s Note: Because this is the only Sugar Factory in Vegas, a weekend celebrity sighting is not uncommon! Britney Spears? JoJo Siwa? Who knows who’ll stop in, so keep your eyes open!

This list really could go on forever, and there are so many great places here that deserve honorable mentions, but the kids are screaming for second breakfast (LOVE that wfh life). If you’ve got questions, or if you’re looking for more specific recommendations, come find us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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