Sneak Peek: Meow Wolf to Take over Art Motel at Life is Beautiful, Las Vegas

Meow Wolf artists are working on one more big festival before the summer winds to a close.

Meow Wolf artists are working on one more big festival before the summer winds to a close. A team recently left Santa Fe for Las Vegas, Nevada, where they are installing an immersive, experience-driven art space inside of the Art Motel at the Life is Beautiful festival (September 22 - 24, 2017).

Our installation at LIB would not be possible without a generous sponsorship by Zappos.Meow Wolf and local Las Vegas artists (Joel Spencer, Nova May, Spencer Olsen, Brett Bolton, Eric Vozzola, Miguel Rodriguez, and Zappos Artist Miguel Hernandez) have free reign over 21 rooms inside a retro, Vegas-style motorlodge. Every door in the hotel will open on a new explorable environment. The project is different from other installation art projects Meow Wolf has done in the past. Often, like in the case of House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, different immersive environments are collected around a central theme. With the Art Motel, each room is radically different from the room that preceded it.

This is the most eclectic project Meow Wolf has undertaken, leading guests to the clouds, or to total sound environments, or to the surfaces of distant planets.

"What's cool is seeing how everyone was given the same footprint more or less. There are so many different ways (the motel rooms) can be transformed," said Jessica Vredenburg, Project Manager.

Diane Stern, Project Management Director, said that Meow Wolf will install a glowing canopy inside the courtyard . From that one common space, visitors will be able to explore as many rooms as they wish in any order they wish.

"They could spend five hours in there or they could spend twenty minutes in there," Stern said. "...From that central space, from that explosion of color and light, anything is possible. Those rooms can hold the depths of your imagination."

Read more from Diane and Jessica in their interview with LIB.

More than 100 Meow Wolf artists created the different rooms. Between August 29 and Sept. 21, a team of 36 Meow Wolfers are traveling to Las Vegas from Santa Fe. People near downtown Las Vegas will see the team working there in the weeks leading up to the festival.

Please enjoy these process photographs shot by our staff photographer Lindsey Kennedy. We'll have more to show you when the festival begins. Keep an eye here or on our Facebook page for more goodies. See you in Vegas!