America’s Most Exceptional Gift Guide
9 Omega Mart Products that Make Perfect Gifts 
Ashley Roberts
November 28, 2022

It’s the most exceptional time of the year! Is it the silver bells blaring that make the holiday special? Is it the time spent with pets instead of loved ones? No! It’s the time spent spending that really means the most!

And where better to spend than at America’s Most Exceptional Grocery Store! This season, treat yourself (or others if you really have to) with some of Omega Mart’s most addicting products!

Omega Mart Mug

A red Omega Mart mug with a white background. The coffee mug is oversized and reads “Omega Mart: You have no idea what’s in-store for you”

The quintessential Omega Mart mug.

Perfect for: Those climbing the corporate ladder who love to reheat their same coffee 37 or more times a day.


A green Omega Mart Happle with a white background. The Happle has two black dots for eyes, but four additional black dots scattered across its face. Its mouth is a thin, crooked black line.

The happiest stocking stuffer you’ll ever meet.

Perfect for: Those looking for some personality in their apples, even if it’s a...difficult personality.

Tropical Camo Jacket

A young man in a zipped up jacket. The jacket is orange, with maroon cuffs and blue/purple leaves scattered. The left breast area has an old Windows computer style pop up that reads “Would you like to upgrade?”

Care to upgrade your wardrobe?

Perfect for: Those who like the feel of outdoor recreation without all the hassle.

Daikon Snow Globe

A blue snowglobe with Omega Mart written on the base. Inside is a Daikon wearing a scarf as snow falls all around it.

Daikons in December.

Perfect for: Those who can’t resist shaking snow globes when walking through the store knowing they have no intention of buying them.

Daikon Plush

An Omega Mart employee in a red Omega Mart t-shirt and blue apron. He’s standing in the produce section of the store and pointing at a Daikon pal that has one leg tucked into the employees apron.

The rad-ish gift you could give!

Perfect for: Those who prefer their radishes squishy, not steamed!

Nut-Free Salted Peanuts

Omega Mart’s Nut Free Salted Peanuts on a shelf. The container also reads “100% salted” with an asterisk. At the very bottom, there is another asterisk that says “May contain peanuts”

‘Tis the seasoning.

Perfect for: Those with a peanut allergy who have no concerns about high blood pressure.

Travel Apple Tumbler

A row of red, green and blue Omega Mart travel apples. The Travel Apple in the center is reminiscent of a granny smith, with slight bruising included. The travel apples are in front of a sign that says “Fits “Normal” Cup Holders.”

No more rotten tumblers!

Perfect for: Those who need to take their apple-a-day on the go.

Tattoo Chicken T-Shirt

A woman in a short-sleeve white tattoo chicken t-shirt. The shirt has the Omega Mart logo at the top, with “Tattoo Chicken” written in large yellow letters. A photo of the tattoo chicken is underneath with an additional note in the left hand corner that “The USDA had no choice.” The bottom of the sleeves and collar are both maroon.

Where family meats fashion.

Perfect for: Those who like the way chicken looks ON them instead of in them.

WAM Hole Mug

White coffee mug that reads “W.A.M. Wormhole Actualization Machine.” The center of the mug has a hole that stretches from one side of the mug to the other, allowing you to see through it.

Warning: Contains wormhole.

Perfect for: Those who believe a good cup o’ coffee can really transport you to paradise.

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Have an Omega Day!

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